Picture of Basic Work Table
I set out to make a simple work table for my home studio so that I could have a surface upon which to work and document projects. I tried to keep the design as simple as possible as I only have a limited arsenal of power tools, a small vehicle for transporting materials and little patience for woodworking.

This design proved to be successful in accounting for all of these requirements.

The table probably is not the strongest ever built, but I don't plan on throwing any motorcycle engines on it or doing any intense metal work. Mainly, I intend to use it for some soldering, general tinkering and light programming. It should be more than capable of withstanding that.

My initial design involved laser etching/painting reference materials and various doodles onto the surface of the acrylic. This didn't work out too well in terms of documenting projects. So, I replaced the etched acrylic with a sheet of solid white (as seen in the following images). I found the solid white acrylic to work out fantastically.
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Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff
To make one table, you will need:

(x1) 3' x 2' sheet of 3/4" plywood
(x1) 3' x 2' sheet of 1/8" white acrylic
(x4) 17.25" railing posts
(x2) 18" railing posts
(x1) 29" railing post
(x4) Felt furniture pads
(x4) Crossdowels
(x4) 2.75" bolts
(x6) 2" wood screws
(x4) 3' x 1" x 1" L-shaped aluminum extrusion
A hex wrench set
A screwdriver set
A power drill (3/32", 1/4" and 3/8" drill bits)
A hacksaw
A dremel

Step 2: Make holes in the acrylic

Picture of Make holes in the acrylic
If you happen to have a laser cutter, you can vector cut four 1/4" circles that are 2.75" in from each edge.

If not, measure and drill some 1/4" holes the old fashioned way.
epictim981 year ago
What is the finished height of the table?
dakiro2 years ago
looking good anyway. I am thinking of upgrading my old Ikea pc desk so thanks for the tips.
how much did it cost u
randofo (author)  MasterTuttoo2 years ago
Not much at all. The acrylic was probably about $30. You can leave that out. The rest wasn't too bad.
Warlrosity4 years ago
Can you make an instructable about them?
randofo (author)  Warlrosity4 years ago
About what?
The gramaphone horn things.
bustedit5 years ago
do eyes also spy a mini-theremin on the sill?
randofo (author)  bustedit5 years ago
trophywife5 years ago
 love love love what i assume to be 2 kitchen funnels with tiny headphones in the ends. it's like a modern gramophone
randofo (author)  trophywife5 years ago
You can find instructions to make those and a whole lot more in my new book 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer!

Sorry... I had to do that :-)
if i had a book, i'd plug it as often as i had the chance :D
I was just about to mention those to some body...