Step 2: Gather Your Equipment and Supplies

This project requires a minimal amount of tools. In fact, you could do the whole thing with a rotary tool and a selection of cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, and sandpaper.

  • Old saw blade (if you don't have a saw, you could always post on your local NextDoor or Freecycle and see if anyone has one lying around)
  • Rotary tool (we use Dremel-brand, but any rotary tool will work)
  • Cut-off wheels for rotary tool (if you bought a kit, chances are you have these, but we prefer the reinforced wheels)
  • Angle grinder with cut off wheels (the one pictured is a Dewalt)
  • Tabletop grinder (like this)
  • Sandpaper / sanding block (for shining up the surface after)
  • Acetone (for cleaning off any paint or marker that remains)
  • Safety goggles or full face shield
  • Gloves
  • Strong desire for justice (just kidding, villians can make these too)
<p>Great Instructable! Love<br>the nod to safety. A few years ago I myself cut out some different<br>batarangs using similar techniques, which you can see from the photo<br>I posted. The Dark Knight trilogy is my favorite Batman series.</p>
<p>Those look great! The curves are not easy to do!</p>
<p>Nice work. Can you actually throw them?</p><p>I voted</p>
Yes! We've thrown them a bunch.
<p>Of course! They are just like shurikens.</p>
You took the words right out of my mouth.
<p>I always vote for Batman stuff! Great build!</p>
<p>Epic build my friend..!!<br>You just got my vote :) </p>
<p>Thank you! Your Batman wall is fantastic.</p>
<p>Thanks for the tutorial! I made these with my son. I got some 24&quot; sawblades that worked great.</p>
<p>Go big or go home, right?! Those are super impressive, enough for a bat cave.</p>

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