As avid bath takers, we quickly discovered that we needed two DIY solutions to improve our baths.  First, a tub caddy capable of providing a simple surface upon which we could place drinks, valuables, and some decorations to enjoy while we soak.  Second, a back support that covers the water spout for when there are two in the tub.  The first person has the normal position in the tub, but the second person always gets the annoying spout right in the middle of their back - unacceptable!  

I haven't gotten around to making the second project just yet, but here's the first...hope it inspires better bathing.

Step 1: Joint an Edge

This bathtub caddy is made from from walnut.  Get some 4/4 walnut boards and start by jointing the straighter/truer narrow edge.  

My jointer is a little under-powered, so we had to make sure to advance slowly and remove only small amounts of material with each pass.

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