As avid bath takers, we quickly discovered that we needed two DIY solutions to improve our baths.  First, a tub caddy capable of providing a simple surface upon which we could place drinks, valuables, and some decorations to enjoy while we soak.  Second, a back support that covers the water spout for when there are two in the tub.  The first person has the normal position in the tub, but the second person always gets the annoying spout right in the middle of their back - unacceptable!  

I haven't gotten around to making the second project just yet, but here's the first...hope it inspires better bathing.

Step 1: Joint an Edge

This bathtub caddy is made from from walnut.  Get some 4/4 walnut boards and start by jointing the straighter/truer narrow edge.  

My jointer is a little under-powered, so we had to make sure to advance slowly and remove only small amounts of material with each pass.
<p>С такими инструментами не доску в ванную делать...</p>
Thanks for the instructable! I showed my fianc&eacute; and was told I'd be on the couch if she didn't have one. Made one today with a couple modifications. Made the two cleats be trough tenons just to add a bit of character.
Very pretty! I want one too!!
Beautiful. I will bookmark this page as a hint to my husband
I like it. But have to ask a nerdy question: do you like having a jointer? I just true the board edges on my table saw.
That's not a nerdy question :) <br /><br />The theory my dad taught me is, the table saw cuts a parallel line to an already straight line that you put against the fence. How do you true the first edge that rides against your table saw fence? That's primarily what the jointer is for.<br /><br />Similarly, the planer cuts a parallel line to an already straight face that's riding on the bottom of the planer bed. How do you true the first face that rides against the planer bottom? That's also what the jointer is for.<br /><br />Lumber sometimes comes with 1 edge or 1 face already jointed, but sometimes it's just completely raw, and when it's like that, you need the jointer. <br /><br />To be more specific to my current situation, I do like having a jointer, but not the underpowered used jointer that I currently have. I'd say it's necessary to get at least an 8" jointer (many of them are 6"), and surely one that has a strong motor and runs on 220V.
Thanks much for the good info. <br>Main issue is that I'm maxed out on available space in my corner of garage shop. <br> <br>125 Instructables, wow! I like your scrap wood cutting board, may do something like that also.
Dear Noahw,<br> <br> That's excellent.<br> It's exactly what I use for my four hour baths with books and food and tea, ( well mine is just an old shelf.)<br> <br> It's good to find out that I'm not alone.<br> <br> Kind Regards&nbsp;<br> <br> FOH<br> <br>
Thanks FOH! Your wooden bicycle grips are awesome, I am an admirer of your work.
This is really good stuff here. Any particular reason you chose walnut? I was thinking there may be an advantage as opposed to maple, oak, or teak.
No particular woodworking reason. Just like the warmth and ease of walnut. Teak would be ideal due to it's water resistant natural properties but was too expensive for this application.
Good thing I'm waterproof so I can use something like this. Love it!
Ooo... What a racy Instructables! I can't wait to see the next part.
A friend and I were talking about one of these last night :-) She wants one for her big jaccuzzi tub
Ooo...that'd be awesome. All sorts of fun things come to mind, place to play board games, books for stargazing for night soaks, full bar perhaps, chilled lemon water, aromatherapy, meditation gong, the list goes on... Do it!
Nice! Love the separate area for the candle!
I absolutely have to have one. Thanks to you, I have a project for the new year.
Fantastic!! I would love to lounge in a tub where I could do things like journal!!

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