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speedracer425 (author)2012-10-01

AHHHHHHH pic 2 l-looks like like.


tech dawg (author)speedracer4252012-10-05

lol yeah these pics are gorilla and I've made a whole other one now and its wayyyy better

Kitana Kellaway (author)2012-07-22


Thx but it really isn't that good and I'm working on another

Nah i like it

Really cuz it was made out of a t shirt and Im working in a replica burlap one!

Well i really like it and it look like the real one because to be honest how many crazy institute people are crafty? be honest

wel one for sure and that would

Well tushay i kinda forgot to add Dusk Shadows in there (he's looking over my shoulder as i type)

lol i hate it when peeps do that to me do you?

Yes it's so annoying but i guess i have to get used to it

lol i have 3 siblings and there always over my shoulder looking at what im doin and sometimes even reading books that im trying to read over my shoulder!


TheBoss303 (author)2012-06-06

Nice job man, you should check out mine. Go to Feel free to leave feed back!

Cyclone1764 (author)TheBoss3032012-06-10

looks like scarecrow from bm630 (he was mutated into scarebeast)

tech dawg (author)Cyclone17642012-06-16

Nice I had know idea that he was scarebeast!Niiice!

Cyclone1764 (author)tech dawg2012-06-17

He turns into him for a while but he turns back to johnaton crane after a while

tech dawg (author)Cyclone17642012-06-17

Oh....okay thats pretty awesome is it in the comics that this happens

tech dawg (author)TheBoss3032012-06-07

Yours looks great a job well done and is it real burlap cuz mines an old t-shirt!

Cyclone1764 (author)2012-05-29

reminds me of hoddie from marble hornets a bit

tech dawg (author)Cyclone17642012-05-29

unforntunately i dont know what yur talkin about

Cyclone1764 (author)tech dawg2012-05-30

Marble Hornets is a youtube horror series, there is a guy who is called hoddie in it, not much is known about him but he wears a hoodie and a mask that always reminds me of scarecrow for some reason you shoud watch marble hornets it good but also very disturbing and scary
first video=

TheBoss303 (author)Cyclone17642012-06-06

I agree, this does remind me of masky, especially the second picture, just need to be sitting up on a shelf or something.

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