Picture of Batman Costume (The Dark Knight Rises)
Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a batman costume. I made this for the Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere. The costume is finished and no WIP pictures were taken. But I will try to describe the process of making the pieces. I hope you all enjoy.

Step 1: Chest

Picture of Chest
Chest 1.JPG
Chest Full.JPG
The first piece of the suit that I made was the chest piece. I used an old Under Armour long-sleeve shirt as the base then used foam flooring and craft foam to build up the chest. I used the dark knight suit as a reference but added my own spin on the design. I spray painted the while thing in flat black(three coats, and then one gloss).The foam is attached to the Under Armour with lots of hot glue. After some trial and error I realized that the suit was too tight. So I cut a slit in the back of the shirt and added Velcro to secure the two sides together. Other pieces of Velcro were attached to the shoulders and elbows to connect other pieces of amor. 
can you turn your head lol?
you have a video for making the batman costume
nbennie02 (author)  amarshall161 year ago
Sorry, but no.
What the name of your video on YouTube
nbennie02 (author)  amarshall161 year ago
Scranton Batman
Nice costume bro how u make tge belt
nbennie02 (author)  amarshall161 year ago
The belt was purchased online.
umashadi2 years ago
This sucks... Jk. Dude. This. Is. Awesome. Maybe one of the best batman costumes on instrucables. Good work.
JasonTodd2 years ago
This tutorial is fantastic, thank you!! Just one quick question. Is this the Dark Knight Rises Rubies cowl? It looks great and I am looking to buy the same one. How do you like it? Pros and cons? Thanks!
nbennie02 (author)  JasonTodd2 years ago
Its a bit loose. Other than that I love it.
nbennie02 (author)  JasonTodd2 years ago
No its not a Rubies Cowl. I bought it on ebay. I'm not really sure the manufacturer.
Multhjoned3 years ago
Very cool..
nbennie02 (author)  Multhjoned3 years ago
That came together really well! Awesome job! Do you have an estimate of how much it cost to put together a suit like this?
nbennie02 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
With the pieces that you have to make, about $50. But the Mask, Belt, Boots and Gloves about $60. Total about $110. But it could be made cheaper with variations of the bought items.
do you happen to have any templates
nbennie02 (author)  darknessfalls3 years ago
Yes I do. I will post all the ones that I have on a new last page of the Instructable.
sorry, I posted before finishing my post, what i mean is do you have any templates (even very rough sketches) of the armor pieces, it would be awesome as all hell if you could post any if they exist