Nothing is cooler than having your very own Batman costume. I decided it was high time for me to make one. Unfortunately, I made this costume before the thought hit me to make an intructible on it. So it won't be as detailed as I would normally like.

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Step 1: Materials

EVA foam - I used about 5-6 tiles. There is a good website that has these cheap and they do free shipping. Rubber Flooring Inc

Plasti-Dip Spray

Matte Black Spray paint

Heat Knife

Dremel Tool

Sand Paper

Velcro Strips (non adhesive)

Glue (I used these two brands with similar results: Allen's Super Fabric adhesive & Loctite Flexible Adhesive

Small - Medium sized clamps

Black Concrete gloves

Plastic Resin

Black Zentai Suit (headless)

Boots - (I got mine here)

Black Fabric for cape

An amazing wife (this came in really handy for me)

Thanks for the tutorial!! I made a joker batman imposter costume using parts of your tutorial!!
looks cool. thanks for sharing.
<p>The templates in &quot;.ai&quot; I am unable to view once I download them<br>Would you happen to have the ones in &quot;.ai&quot; in a &quot;pdf&quot; file as well ?</p>
sorry, that's the only file I have. I putting together a new Batman costume Ann's will try pdf files.
<p>Really appreciated your instructions! this was the first costume I have ever made and they were easy to use. I ended up buying the mask, but used the templates for the rest of the suit. I am making it for a costume contest and should be finished by tonight or Saturday (cutting it close!)</p><p>I did alter how it was attached to the morphsuit. I don't have good sewing skills so I cut grooves in the pieces and hot-glued safety pins to them. I tried out a few and the seem to hold well. This way I can reuse the under suit easier. (pictures below. </p><p>I will post pictures once I am done.<br></p>
looks awesome. that is a creative solution. I think it will be bet time consuming to put it all on and take it off!
<p>Thanks!</p><p>Yeah on putting it on, I assume it will take 30 minutes to an hour to get everything situated perfectly (It only took me 30 minutes to attach the pins), but hopefully once the pieces are on I won't have to take them off the undersuit until after Halloween. I can let you know how long it took in total later if you like.</p>
<p>You were right, it didn't take long to make them, but it took almost 2 hours and multiple pokes to the skin to get it on by myself. If someone was helping I think it might have gone quicker. I had to redo the pecs as well like you did as the template was to small, but it came out great. I wore it to my church's festival last night (My niece was catwoman). Must have taken 50 pics with strangers and kids.<br><br>Thank you so much for the guide!</p>
looks awesome. glad you had a great time.
<p>almost done making it... Need to figure out the neck piece. Just for note, seal the plaster mask before adding clay to it as the moisture absorbs into the plaster making it soft and very difficult to work with :P </p>
<p>once it is all said and done I'll get a photo of the suit on and wonderwoman by my side :)</p><p>Did you use clay for the entire mask? Or just the features and sanded the rest? </p><p>Also how did you attach the elastic to the bracers? </p><p>Any tips for designing the neck piece?</p>
I did the entire mask with clay so it could be smooth. I hot glued the elastic for the bracers.
<p>did you have any problems with the mask cracking in places? If so what did you do to counter this?</p>
I didn't. The PlastiDip kept it together pretty will. The tip of the ear chipped when I was walking down stairs, but it was an easy fix.
<p>so I bought some black caulk for the cracks it allows for the flex in those places but holds the mask together... kind of makes for a battle scar appearance :P took a few coats of caulking and smoothing it out.</p>
Awesome I can't wait to see the whole thing.
<p>I will definitely use the dremel for the smoothing and shaping next time, but for my first DIY costume I think it turned out decent, was certainly a fun process and I learned a lot! ?</p>
Looks awesome! Well done.
Its looking really good. on the neck piece I wrapped paper around my neck to get a general pattern. Then I cut out the foam and made adjustments. I used a demel to do detail shaping.
<p>Did you used Velcro to attach the cape to both the suit and the foam caps?</p>
I glued the foam caps to the cape and put the Velcro on under that.
<p>People who used these instructions, did you guys use the same templates?</p><p>How did you resize? Free-hand? Adobe illustrator?</p><p>I'm pretty excited about starting this!</p>
<p>I used the same templates, downloaded the adobe illustrator trial version and printed all the designs before it expired. </p>
I used Adobe illustrator to make the templates. if I were you, I would print them out and see how they fit and then adjust for size. You could also do your measurements and then adjust on illustrator first. I wish I had made the rib portion bigger, so you could adjust that. I'd love to see what you come up with.
<p>great job I like the details and very descriptive unlike others not to be offensive but other wise thank you and great job :).</p>
<p>Did you make this?</p>
Sure did.
<p>was talking about kparupia but thanks. Also can I carve the foam with a box cutter or X acto knife? PLEASE REPLY!!!</p>
You can, but it would be harder to get really detailed. you can do beveled edges, but your knife needs to be really sharp.
<p>What do you mean by &quot;beveled edges&quot;?</p>
If you look at the different foam pieces you can see that not all the edges are 90 degrees. They are beveled.
<p>Ok, what does beveled mean exactly?</p>
<p>bevel</p><p><em>noun</em></p><ol><li><div><strong>1</strong>.<div><div>a slope from the horizontal or vertical in carpentry and stonework; a sloping surface or edge.</div></div></div></ol>
<p>How many coats of plasti dip did you do?</p>
<p>oh aight thanks</p>
<p>What do you mean by &quot;beveled edges&quot;?</p>
Your tutorial was very helpful! Spent many hours on it but worth it at the end
Great! I'd love to see a picture of what you came up with.
<p>Thank you or the awesome tutorial, ours was a hit over the weekend!</p>
Awesome! For some reason it is super satisfying to dress up as the caped crusader. Especially with Catwoman at your side.
<p>Is there any other format to download the templates in? For some reason only a few will download. Thanks!</p>
These are the only ones I have. sorry.
<p>Ok. I ended up faking it and it still looks pretty good. Amazing costume!! Thank you for sharing this!</p>
Thanks. I'd love to see a picture of what you came up with.
<p>This looks awesome! how long does it take?</p>
It took me a long time. Some of that was experimentation. Overall, I think I doesn't at least 80 hours on everything (including the cowl). If I we're to do it again I could probably do it in 40.
Great job! Looks 10x better than any pre-made suit I've seen. Did you make your wife's catwoman mask too? If so, do you have a template for that? Thanks!
Thank you. I did make her mask, but I just free handed it.
Utility belt tutorial?

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