Batman Hoodie on the cheap: $3.00 Thriftshop style

Picture of Batman Hoodie on the cheap: $3.00 Thriftshop style
Want a cool Batman hoodie, but too cheap to shell out the money (like I am)?  Here's the answer.  Aside from some thread and a sewing machine, this project only costs $2.98.

We found these online while searching for options, but $40.00 - $50.00 was too much for something my son will outgrow in a year.  He liked the simple version without the belt but wanted the mask and cape.  The belted one was a bit too loud for his taste.

this is the link for the simple version.  for some reason I cannot hyperlink it.{adtype}&utm_source=goog-merch&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=BAT085-S&gclid=CNrR1Ji7iLoCFcI7Mgod_E8A5g

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Step 1: Head to the thrift shop

Pick up a hoodie type and color of your preference.  In this case, a black and grey hoodie (zip up).  Pick out an inexpensive sweatshirt to match the fabric style. You can pick one out of the kid's section and find them a bit cheaper

Zip up hoodie = $1.99
Donor sweatshirt = $.99

Next run home and begin.

Step 3: Cape

Picture of Cape
The two sleeves will be sewn together to make the cape for the new sweatshirt.
Nice idea I'm cheap too! :)