Beaded Round "Mug Rugs" Coasters


Introduction: Beaded Round "Mug Rugs" Coasters

About: I do lots of things, but my passion is beading!

Green, orange and purple are perfect Spring OR Summer colors! I made these 3" round "mug rugs" (coasters) using glass seed beads by the hundreds! I am a big fan of wire work with beads, but am branching out from the classic beaded flowers. . .



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    Bad form. This is not an Instructable; should not be on the "featured" list.

    I can't get the pattern. It keeps spamming me to go pro! Rip off!!!

    I've been strugggling to make these coasters for a reaaaally long time, please, could you please post the steps? Thanks in advance.

    I just tried to download the pdf, but there are no instructions included. The PDF only shows the header, intro, table of contents and comments, but there are no instructions in the file.
    Could you please repost the PDF with instructions?

    How do you make one?

    Yes I can :) I will post some of my other work soon!

    can you make other shapes?