Picture of Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator
A.K.A Bedini Simplified Schoolgirl, A.K.A Bedini SSG

This concept is protected by US PAT 6545444, which means it would be illegal and also unethical to reproduce for personal financial gain.

That said however, you are allowed to make one for your personal use, which is what this instructable is all about.

This device is used to charge batteries, pretty much anything, but happiest with lead acid types.
Not LiPo cells which have very specific requirements, (LiPo being Lithium Polymer cells)
It can also recover dead NiCad cells, I acquired 2 Sanyo 1800 ma "C" sized cells, one was 0V the other 0.4V (considered dead and unable to be conventionally charged). Both cells are holding steady at 1.303V and 1.327V 3 days later.

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Step 1: Preamble

Picture of Preamble
The circuit I'm using is known as the SSG or simplified school girl, it has no capacitor or timing circuit, its the bare basic version shown below.

I got it from the Bedini_Monopole3 forum.
I'm not a member of this forum or any other monopole forum, I have merely come across a thread and followed various sources and info from people who have given freely of their time and energy.

Some of whom are rick friedrich, dr peter lindemann, aaron murakami and tom bearden, thanks for their solid gold efforts.

Lastly the double platinum goes to John C Bedini for obvious reasons.

with the oscars out of the way lets get on with the build :)
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Never waste time arguing anything with free energy folks or trying to educate their bleating followers - it is better to let them waste their time, money and energy deluding themselves and others. It keeps them fairly harmless - and out of the way of serious folks. They do have the right to be wrong, to be half-educated, and ignorant of the real nature of things and to believe in fairy-science. They want Bedinis, they need Bedinis, and they have, truly, earned Bedinis. Smile at them, wish them well, and leave them alone - they are happy =)

harry884 years ago
there is one on you tube by imhotep and runs a fan with high wind output you could mount another fan on that one and hook the batteries together then you have free electricity
wcoetzer6 years ago
PeterCD - Thank you for the marvellous instble. I have previously tried to make a bedini motor, but failed - I struggle to follow how you wind the coil. Do you cut the 90m wire in half, twist them together and then wind them around the former -? Where does the 6 strands come from that you mention? Thank you PS - mentioning Ronnies sex shop - do you live in SA by any chance?
petercd (author)  wcoetzer6 years ago
Thanks, the rotating version is more work than the solid state version, you only need to tune the variable pot in the SS version to get it to function properly, so possibly an easier first time Bedini experiment. I took 3, 90M lengths cut in half, but the length was 45M and my yard is about 24M, which is why I had to double it over a cable reel at one end. You then have to twist both ends of the 45m bundle separately otherwise one end would be twisted and the other only slightly. The entire bundle is then 6 strands which is then wound on to the coil form. I'm a Capetonian and never been to Ronnie's.
Hi again PeterCD - I still do not understand the coil :( I look at the ssg circuit in your instrble - there are only 2 coils in this circuit diagram- you talk about 3 x 90m lengths cut in half -- 6 lengths - this would give us 6 coils? - I am lost. How do you connect the 12 possible connections in the ssg circuit? Thank you PS I'm Capetonian as well - also never been to Ronnie's, but met his mom - a really special and dear lady - now deceased though.
petercd (author)  wcoetzer6 years ago
It opens up options to configure the coil for best performance, I tried various options till I was happy, first I used 1 strand for trigger cct with the other 5 connected together for the power cct, then I tried 3 strands (common ed to form 1 lower impedance conductor) in the trigger and 3 strands in the power cct. Finally I used 2 trigger (common ed to form 1 lower impedance conductor) and 4 strands for the power cct which seemed to provide highest charging current with my components that I had.
strmrnnr6 years ago
I think a spinning wheel for spinning wool into yarn could be rigged up to do this.
or a rod and reel.
infoseek6 years ago
i tray to make one using brushless DC fan 12V does it will do the job after modification, notes that it has already bifilar winding quad coil
petercd (author)  infoseek6 years ago
Yes, brushless fans work well too, after mods on the coils. Of course the bigger brushless the better, having said that I tried a standard 80mm computer fan but the charging was fairly slow because of the fans' 180mA design. Even better is the Bedini solid state version, a bifilar coil in resonance, less parts and quicker to build. Instead of the 2n3055, I used a high voltage switching 13003 from an old CFL light bulb. They are good for 700V which exceeds the measly 60V or so for the 3055. The other thing I changed was the 2K resistor on the base of the transistor to a variable pot, wire wound is better because the carbon track pots can get hot with 500mA flowing through them, with the variable pot it is much easier to get the circuit into oscillation and then tune it for highest voltage on the "charged" battery. Bedini Solid State circuit below
solid state bedini.jpg
Hi PeterCD I think the idea of over unity rests on the extra magnetic field caused by the moving magnets. The solid state circuit is very similar to a flasher unit on a camera - the charging battery would only be substituted by a quick discharge capacitor. - I think
isn,t better or more efficiency to use small resistor and npn transistor general purpose to control the base of 2n3055 through emitter of the the first transistor like s8050 or bc337 which is controlled with small resistor (less power) is it base
petercd (author)  infoseek6 years ago
Id say this solid state circuit works as well as the traditional circuits, in the small size that I use, perhaps as you get bigger with the wheel versions and add fans to get better efficiency, then the solid state version might not perform as well. The BC337 switches well in a joule thief circuit but is only rated for 800mA. The 2N3055 (power transistor) is rated for 15A but only 60V and is not really considered a "switching" transistor. The 13003 (to220 case) from a CFL bulb is rated for 700V and 1.5A and this seems to be the best of both worlds, high speed switch and reasonable current, which is why its my choice for Bedini circuits. The joule thief doesn't usually carry medium to high current which makes the BC 337 perfect in that environment.... but not in a Bedini circuit. I like to use a variable pot to customize the circuit resistance to the particular coil in order to find the sweet spot, highest voltage on the charged battery.
i think we can put electrolyte pool with stainless steel plate instead of second bat to make o2 and h from water to use them as welder after,how much would be great application.
infoseek6 years ago
does this configuration "bedini solid state" circuit works well as the traditional circuits .i note that its similar to joule thief circuits
infoseek6 years ago
i think if does work it will be more easier to build depending on the pleanty brushless dc fan of PC /ups any set using this kind of fan
uthus6 years ago
I didn't take the time to read through all the comments, but I have a question. Can you use CAT V for the coil wire?
petercd (author)  uthus6 years ago
Nope, you're probably thinking, twisted wire pair should be good.

Alas the insulation is so thick on the cat V cable that you most likely wont even achieve half the amount of turns needed for decent performance, leading to certain dissapointment.

Use the time you saved by not reading all the comments to hunt down some enamelled magnet wire or similar, and you'll end up ahead in the game. :)
Edgar6 years ago
Done one!
If you disregard the sound out of sync, here's the video:

Hehe, Lego Bedini.
Well, China-Lego Bedini, anyway. You need a light piece of plastic, and you're using a mini glue gun, so the pieces can be re-used, why not? That hot glue is even used in canvas for aeromodelists, can you believe that?
Edgar Edgar6 years ago
..And look here for Injection moulding machines(!):
Funny that you mention injection molding. My father's been doing injection molding for 28 years, and I've been dealing with injection molding, at the operator level since I was five, and have been working with the machines for a few years now. Though larger scale of coarse. And not entirely on topic, I suppose. lol More on topic with that, I've actually been looking for affordable injection machine access to make large enough parts to do some perendev testing. I believe there's some merit to the design, with a bit of adaptation.
You can always tell the "doers" from the "talkers"...
There's that Alumlite, see it in my Site's page, here:

Great new materials

I don't know if you were calling me a doer or a talker. lol. Like the site, btw.
Look at this:
...It's in Portuguese, but if you look at the follow-up of that page,

Ruhm page 3

You'll see THIS:
Thanks, can actually read the site (except for the picture), Firefox has a good translator. Cool site. Actually has a few new things that I haven't seen around. Thanks a lot. The second link didn't open for me, but can check it out through the site, I'm sure.
That link works for me... But it is funny how that Coil's practically identical to part of the Bedini.
To be interested in action molding, you HAVE do had your fingers snipped, cut, burned, and bruised, building stuff... ; ) Glad you've liked the site, a funny thing happened, some guy saw it, then read I was interested in building a Bedini, and said "what's wrong with you?" Seems since I'd made an useful Site, I had no business doing "un-scientific" stuff, that would led people astray! And people ask me why I don't allow backtalk on that Site. :D
Definitely know about being burnt. lol Try to avoid acetal if you ever have the choice, that'll burn more than your hands if it gets overcooked. Your lungs will burn for days. Hahaha. Too many people have assumed that everyone who thinks about magnet motors believes in perpetual motion. Scientists aren't allowed to think outside of the paradigm? Perhaps people should remember that Einstein's/Newton/Galileo's, and every other free thinker's ideas were nonsense at their times as well. And make less assumptions as to the motives of researchers. People like Robert Calloway are the reason magnet motors are seen as scams.
Who gives a damn about Overunity?

It's a fun motor to build, it lasts for ages, why bother if folk think we're "Heretics"?

See this, a Thrust Engine I've built:
thrust engine

First, an Engineer I've talked about it said that it was "a perpetual motion" kind of thing;

Sent him a video, he said it moved because of friction on the table surface;

Sent him THIS video, he said it could be still friction... ON THE WATER'S SURFACE!
Hell, don't fluids behave different than solids?

Said that if it moved on a suspended array, then he believed in it.

Sent the video.

His answer?

"Hum seems toi work. Good Luck!"
Haha, point well made. I hope you didn't think my last post was against you. I was actually agreeing with what you were saying. The perpetual motion thing is a whole other issue. While theoretically possible, you never get more energy out of a perpetual motion machine than what was needed to keep it running. Add any external object to run, and it would fail. It would in reality, be little more than a novelty. But it would lead to principles of 100% efficient motors, so would still be an excellent find. I don't think magnet motors and perpetual motion are nearly the same. I think people have stated that to restrict growth in the topic. You know, conspiracy theories. OOOoooOOOOooohhhh. lol Wouldn't your device have to be suspended in a vacuum to truly eliminate friction? Still, from what I'm seeing, I think it is using both the inertia of you counter weights and the friction available. Friction is helping to keep it from moving when the wheel are coming back while allowing the forward jolt to push it effectively. But it obviously works. How energy efficient is it? Have you tested? Just curious. Very interesting, keep up the good work.
I know whaty you're saying, if we talk of ANYTHING out of the box, there comes the "perpetual motion" anathema accusation...

Well, I just think of my thrust engine as a water toy, for now, although an underwater vehicle that moves without making a mess of the ocean or river's bottom silt would be nice for underwater survey...

Nice to see you've liked it! :D
I could see how that would work in a non disturbing manner, since the thrust would still function even if completely enclosed. Excellent idea. Hope your 'toy' turns out to be more than just that.
Here's a treat for you:
Bedini Forum
Edgar6 years ago
Here's some quotes from PEOPLE WITH AUTHORITY: "there is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home" -kenneth olsen, president and founder of digital equipment corporatin in 1977 "Airplanes are intresting toys but of no military value." Marshall Fredinand Foch, French Military Strategist and future world war commander in 1911 "[Mand will never reach the moon] regardless of all future scientific advances." - Dr. Lee Forest, Inventor of the Audion tuve and Father of Radio, on Febury 25, 1967 {Televison] won't be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night." -Darryl F. Zanuck, Head of 20th Century-Fox in 1946 "We don't like their sound. Groups of guitars are on the way out." Decca Records Rejecting the Beatles in 1962 "For the majority of people, the use of tobacco has a beneficial effect." - Dr. Ian G. Macdonald, Los Angeles Surgeon, as quoted in Newsweek November 18, 1969 "The 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us." -Western Union Internal Memo, 1876
I find random quotes very interesting. I like the simple ones, like "you cant cross a chasm in two small hops". I also like this one, it is a classic that really gets over used but I like it anyway, "Knowledge is power" - Francis Bacon usually gets credit. However, none of that has to do with the topic being discussed, lots of people are wrong all the time. I still have not picked the winning lotto numbers but I do learn what the last winning ones were by paying attention. A fresh thought on the observance of voltage gain claimed might be more a reflection of temperature. A very efficient no load electric motor will give the energy a flow path without a short circuit and slowly heat the batteries. Warm batteries will have a higher chemical performance for voltage. If you monitor Amps, you are more likely to see the drop in overall power. Also as mentioned, the pulsing effect should help de-sulfate the dead battery and in turn help its performance, or wake it up from a battery coma. Im guessing that if you see a significant increase in the dead battery, the de-sulfating is most likely the cause. In which case, keep it up, you are doing something good for the environment to get them back into service.
At last, a practical-minded post!

Indeed, some guys are already selling Battery Reconditioning devices, Bedini-based.

See this:
Batery reconditioning

Bedini SSG motor project recondition cellphone batteries
Kiteman Edgar6 years ago
Who exactly is this addressed to?

Unless you click the "reply" button, your comments just directed at the project's author.

By the way, didn't you read PKM's link?

And, as you should be aware, none of those quotes are claiming that a basic law of reality cannot be broken. Most of them are merely lack of business acumen or deliberate attempts to undermine an opposing technology (such as the movie mogul passing judgement on television).
Edgar Kiteman6 years ago
Dr. Ian G. Macdonald, Los Angeles Surgeon Dr. Lee Forest, Inventor of the Audion tuve and Father of Radio, on Febury 25, 1967 Have a nice week-end!
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