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No, not the food... sorry.

I was invited to a small get-together with some friends of mine and it soon turned into a mini-techno-rave. (and by that I mean about 5 of us in a dark screened-in porch blasting DDR and other techno muzac) Then, somebody pulled out the glowsticks... Long story short, I got stuck with the glow-necklaces, which, while still cool, aren't really that exciting just hanging on your neck, I start swinging them around and made cool-looking designs. After the party I researched a bit because (circles get old really fast and) I wanted to be ready for next time.

Poi originated with the Maori People of New Zealand. While methods and materials have changed, the prinicipal is basically the same: swing something around fast enough so that the blur makes a pretty pattern.
Modern variances are: Performance/Ribbon Poi, Glow Poi, and Fire Poi (as well as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire... no, not really)

Techniques learned in one easily transfer to another, so Practice Poi are used when... well... Practicing. They are usually made with something soft, but must be dense/massive enough to swing well. Popular ones are bean-filled gym socks and tennis-balls on the ends of strings.
There are quite a few instructables on how to make them already, so I won't cover that here.
Other Poi Instructables

I will attempt to teach you some VERY basic moves. They should be enough to either 1) spark your interest and lead you to pursue greater learning ... Or 2) convince you that this really isn't your thing and that you can serve humanity better in other ways.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

This seems a lot like jump roping to me, or at least the first few tricks in this instructable. Overall, quite interesting.

kharris113 years ago
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firejunkie3 years ago
I love spinning poi!
It's a creative art form that can be done by anyone at any time in the day or night!
Spinning poi can be a form of exercise, dance or even a hedonistic art display.

You can easily by them online all over the world but one manufacturer that i love and have been buying all my spinning toys for the last 4years is Flames N Games Juggling Store

There are many kinds of poi you can buy some of which are:
Daytime Fabric Poi, Fire Poi, LED Glow Poi, Sock Poi, Flag Poi.
NOODLE!4 years ago
I really like poi, and i think that this is a very informative instructable.
mspaint FTW!!
Candor5 years ago
This move is called the cross over. It's not actually a move, but a transition for an infinite (hee) amount of other moves.
Candor5 years ago
home of poi sells some fantastic handles, a lot less wear on your fingers over long periods. I'd recommend them.
didibemi6 years ago
I'll post pictures later. I've done one with the same things but I putted some kind of ribbon and it looks great! Hug's and good "poy's" to everyone!
boris_19817 years ago
you could visit www.homeofpoi.com they have a good beginners kit with an instructional video. or you can check there online tutorial, which have tons of animated gif's and videos.
jongscx (author)  boris_19817 years ago
Yep, actually that's where a lot/most of my information came from. It's actually linked on the last page. These were just the really simple techniques that I felt were the absolute basics, before moving on with advanced stuff.
oh yes. you did. sorry about that.
If thats where you got most of your information came from, why didn't you declare them as a source?
mazeka.146 years ago
I havn't lol
Flumpkins7 years ago
Can someone please tell me what poi is?
spinning fire, yo uknow like how ancient cultures did it? Spinning fire very fast and in many directions
Ohh!! Cool, thanks!
Rishnai7 years ago
I must admit, poi has always been like nunchuks for me: cool when I get it right for a little while, and then I whack myself in the face. Of course, I never even tried doing anything with poi until today. Advice: don't swing 'em like nunchucks, especially if you suck at handling nunchucks! In fact, all I did today was embarrass myself and reaffirm why I try to avoid raves and any gathering that involves techno: I can't work a glowstick, and I can't dance to techno. But at least I met many a pretty girl willing to teach me! All is not lost...
lyndsi7 years ago
that photo at the beginning is nick woolsley and it's from playpoi.com (a really good site, check out the scales of poi dvd)
Nicely done and nice photos.
Zega7 years ago
Thanks a lot for your well-detailed tutorial. The diagrams you made yourself show you really take pride in your teaching too. Props to you for that. I'll be practicing whenever I can on this. Thanks again.
looks dangerous. :-o
jongscx (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Well, it doesn't have to be. Glowsticks don't hurt too much, I've definitely been hit by a tennis ball in the face before and it hurt more than when I did it with my practice set. I guess it's like riding a bike. You could do it with training wheels, a helmet, pads, in a wide open field.... Or blindfolded on a tight-rope over alligators while on a unicycle.
i am a glowstringer and i an testify that glowsticks do hurt for the record. Great instructable and pics.
I'd recommend tape on the bottom of the glow sticks if you do use them. A buddy of mine got cut on his forehead by the bottom edge of one of them. I've been wary of it since.
oliverjenks7 years ago
Warning - very dangerous! I once lost a friend to poi, he became some new age other thing because of it.


Last I heard he moved to NZ, in order to consult the grand po pa's of poi

Very good introduction to the black art though.


jongscx (author)  oliverjenks7 years ago
Heh... yeah, it has that power on some people. I don't think it was the poi. I had a friend go to Okinawa to study Karate and an old classmate who is now in Oxford getting a PhD on European history. So I guess he just found something he loves and went for it. You'll never know til you try it. [great, now it sounds like I'm selling drugs]