These cupcakes are the perfect geek treat for your Dungeons & Dragons session, Magic the Gathering game, or any other occasion when an ordinary cupcake just won't do.  Eat them quickly before their Anti-Chewing Ray affects you!

Step 1: Supplies

Cupcakes - baked with your favorite recipe.  I suggest Spicy Mocha Hot Chocolate Cupcakes for a little fire in the belly.
Chocolate frosting - store bought or homemade
Homade Fondant - I used the marshmallow/powdered sugar recipe found HERE to make it (one batch does about 24 cupcakes)
 Food coloring gel, paste or powdered: purple, brown, black, green, yellow or else customize the colors
Bamboo skewers - about 2.5-3 inches long (or cut longer ones down)
Vodka - just a bit to thin out the food coloring
Paint brushes
Kitchen scissors
A fresh exacto (craft) knife
Powdered Sugar
Round cookie cutter - 2.5-3" in diameter
Do the new Beholders (recent game editions) only have 4 eyestalks? I always made mine (no edible) with 10 <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Dungeons-and-Dragons-Beholder/
<p>spectators have four, although, they are green.</p>
The number of eyestalks is limited to room I had on the cupcake. The ones on these are also kind of &quot;chubby&quot; but the thinner were harder to make. That's kind of how it goes with cupcakes. Not everything translates directly.
Um, nerd-rific.
Love these fantastic cupcakes! I and many of my friends are long-time gamers and really miss the &quot;old days&quot; of original AD&amp;D. I am constantly amazed by the artistry and skill I see here on Instructables. It's one of my favorite pass-times: browsing the awesomeness of everyone here, learning so many new things, getting great ideas and just being truly inspired =D
sweet! I was actually thinking of doing this, but yours are awesome!
:( awww! i was hoping it would all be edible! my husband is a gamer. :D cool and cute result!
Thanks! The cupcakes are all edible. Well, except for the skewers for the eyestalks. NNYgamer's Beholder is art--and very cool art at that!
i don't know what that means! lol. i am not a gamer, but i played one time, i was a ... wolf-hybrid chick who was a barbarian? or something, and kicked major booty in battles. i forgot what i was called. but i love your fondant art! :D
just use green and you have Mike, from Monsters INC :D
These are AWESOME!!!
Quick, roll a d20 and see if your THAC0 allow you to attack the Beholder!

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