Best Travel Tic-tac-toe Game





Introduction: Best Travel Tic-tac-toe Game

Best Travel TIC-TAC-TOE Game, You can pack it into your backpack with barely using any space at all.

Step 1: Needed Tools and Material

Follow photo

Step 2:

Rip a big piece of Wooden Fence (as shown in photo).

Then Cut four 12 inch pieces out of the Fence Wood.

Step 3: Jointing

Measure halfway down the wood. Then cut it about 1/4 inch wide, just to make room for the other piece of wood. To do this you must cut halfway down the wood. Then move the saw 1/4 inch to the side and cut halfway.

Step 4: Making the Pieces

Use square pieces of wood for the square pieces.

Use dowels for the circle pieces.

Cut the pieces as thick as you want

Step 5: Sanding Setup

Step 6: Sanding

Sand all of the pieces.

Step 7: Done!

You are now done with cutting and sanding the wood.

To finish it you can stain it or can just be Done (I did not stain it).

After that, put the wood with notches together (as shown in photo) then start playing.

Step 8: Travel

For Traveling you can pack it into your backpack and bag with barely using any space at all.



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