Picture of Bioshock Elizabth Choker

The bird it is..

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Step 1: References

Picture of References

First things first: get some good images to help you get everything right!

Step 2: The ribbon

Picture of The ribbon
IMAG4394 - Kopie.jpg

You'll need:

- a blue-greyish leather or other piece of fabic about 3-3.5cm high and long enough to fit around your neck.
- white bias tape (2x lenght of your blue fabric)
- white fabric marker to create the pattern (mine was actually a 3d contur effect maker <3)
Step 1:

Glue the white bias tape onto the back side of your colored fabric. Be sure to let it overlap a bit so you can see the white thin stripe from the front (pic4).

Step 2:

Let's paint!
I recreated the pattern from the original design and will use this as help.

*If you would like to have the pattern feel free to ask me

Step 3:

I clipped some jewelry pieces onto each short end of the choker ribbon to have smooth edges and be able to close everthing later on.

Step 3: The brooche

Picture of The brooche

to do the brooche of the choker I created a 3d model of it and printed it (via

I am offering this printed brooche part for sale - 13€+shipping!

Besides, you'll need:

- a pin
- a print out of either the bird or the cage
- glue
- silver/metallic permanent marker
- a glas cabochon/gem stone 30x40mm
Step 1:

painted the brooche with silver permanent marker,twice.pic3

Step 2:

glued the print out into the dried brooche and used some simple crafting transparent glue to coat it 3-4 times. pic5

Step 3:

using jewelr transparent glue to fix the glas gem into the piece and secure it.pic6

Step 4: Ribbon+brooche

Picture of Ribbon+brooche

I superglued the jewelry pin onto the back of the brooche to be able to attache it to the chokers fabric

Step 5: Finished choker of Elziabeth from Bioshock Infinite

Picture of Finished choker of Elziabeth from Bioshock Infinite

There you go! The choker is done! :3

Cosplay photos will follow soon...hopefully :D
For more cosplay and WIP related stuff check out my other instructables ot visit me on facebook via Kion Cosplay .

You can also find me on tumblr via Kion designs

Have fun creating stuff!

Kion Designs (author) 11 months ago

thx so much. to all of you <3


kevenr171 year ago

Nice!! Good Job!!