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In this video I will show you how to build a blade antenna for 2.4 GHz wifi. This antenna is a modified antenna I found in a book from 1947. It works better than I thought it would with gain around 9db and best of all it is omnidirectional. Based around a dipole antenna each section is ¼ wavelength (25mm).


botronics (author)2016-08-19

Can it be made to work on both 800 and 1900 mhz by making one of the dipole pairs larger?

rudi138 (author)2015-03-11

How would this work for a wireless router to laptop & dongle?

lillino (author)2014-10-20

.... 25 mm is NOT ¼ wavelength for 2.4GHz

andrew mcneil (author)lillino2014-11-08

It would be very hard for me to explain here in a few sentences. These types of dipole antenna are based on the short dipole. Basically this dipole is short when compared to a wavelength at the operating frequency 100mm v 124mm due to higher feed impedance with this design. If it was so easy to have a fixed measurement for a wavelength then people like me would not spend 4 years at university studying antenna theory.

lillino (author)andrew mcneil2014-11-27

....if you are so happy, I'm happy for you !!!
Thank goodness, in Italy we had Guglielmo Marconi.

seamster (author)2014-10-03

Cool! Thanks for sharing this.

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