Blood Eye Chocolates





Introduction: Blood Eye Chocolates

Use this instructable to make your own Blood Eye Chocolates.

Once you bite them, they will pop open and (strawberry) blood will drip in your mouth.

- White chocolate
- A tiny bit milk chocolate (for the pupils)
- Couple drops of red food coloring (to color the iris)

- Ice tray
- bowl for melting chocolate
- toothpick (to make the pupil drops)

To melt chocolate you can put a cooking pan on a low fire, with some water in it (dont let the water boil). Then just put a covering bowl on it with the chocolate and keep stirring till all chocolate is melted.

After each chocolate step you see in the video, place the tray in the fridge so it hardens.



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    cool i hope to make these also i found a a recipe online for chocolate blood ts just cornstarch chocolate syrup and red food dye or something like that

    i think ill add skip pansy strawberry and add real blood, js

    1 reply

    Good plan. Don't get arrested.

    OOOhhh, I am so making this. I think your choice of music was brilliant. Finally a reason to break out the old candy making supplies. 5*****

    Haha this is great !!
    actually the inside of an aye is a kind of white gel but still 5* !!
    good job

    Wow! These look great.

    I actually saw black Wilton candy melts at Michaels/Joanns the other day. Those might be good for the pupils!

    Great job!

    What did you use to create the hollowed out center? I couldnt quite tell. Was that a spoon?

    2 replies

    I used a marble :)
    But about any round object that fits can be used to hollow out the chocolates. When you put it in the fridge for a short while, get it out before its hard. Then you can even used your fingers to mold it hollow.

    That is awsome! I am going to a halloween party and will be making these! I'll post photos when i do! Great Job!

    ewwww! Gross!! Two thumbs up! :D

    Best eye balls that I have seen! Nice job!

    Wow, this is amazing!

    way cool instructable! i am definitely gonna try making these!

    This would be epic if you could break out some screen captures and write it as a step-by-step Instructable too. Then you'd be eligible for even more of the Halloween contest category prizes!

    1 reply

    scooch! im surprised you hadn't done something like this!

    Love this! And the music u put to your video makes it even cooler! Great ible!!

    1 reply

    Thanks, much appreciated!

    Nice motadacruz! But I think an ingredient list and cooking temps would be handy :)

    1 reply

    Thanks. I've updated the info a bit with some instructions. But all the steps are already so easy. And there are already a million instructions on the internet on how to melt chocolate :)