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Wonderful Instructables!

They are really interesting and very cool.

By the Way: I love your brother's amazing music. Tell him to rock on!
I just did your LED music box..it worked great and I want to do another project but bigger, I am turning an old electrical lamp into a LED lamp. Why did you use a capacitor instead of a resistor?

Here is a quick prototype version of what you did. for some reason I could only power two 5mm LED's with a 9V power supply, but it still worked great.

Uhm john I want to make his led project and since already did and I'm alil confused I thought I'd ask you uhm how does the music play if you use the headphone Jack because I want to use it with my stereo system and Idk how
Thank you for very easy instructions, you've taken out my fear of working with LEDs. Am going out to buy the stuff needed for the LED Music Light Box. Wish me luck!
techturtle26 years ago
I am you 100th subsciber!!! :)
motadacruz (author)  techturtle26 years ago
welcome dude! Hope you enjoy he instructables :)
I have a surplus of colered LEDs and i need a fun and simple way to use them. I have 20 LEDs in red, yellow and green.
EmilinIowa6 years ago
This circuit should, like any circuit ,have current limiting.  A simple resistor in series with the leds could limit the current, protecting the leds and the transistor.  The transistor is being used in switching mode ( no bias voltage divider on the base) and will turn on only when the base is more than .6v positive relative to the emitter.  When it turns on, the current is only limited by the voltage drops of the emitter to collector voltage added to the voltages dropped across the leds, which are about 1.65 volts each.  I would not build it with no current limiting resistor.  The resistor should limit the current to less than the max current rating of the lesser of the current max of the transistor or a led.  I would limit current to about .02 amps. 
Reece 246 years ago
 wow. you sure like LEDs