Picture of Blowgun and Ammo
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Of all the things I have ever made, this is one of my favorites. Its an extremely simple and effective design and suprisingly powerful.
I include directions to make 3 different types of ammo for it. Regular pointy ammo, exploding ammo, and high voltage ammo. My favorite is probably the high voltage ammo, it packs quite a dangerous punch.
As always this project is dangerous, and I think it goes without saying "dont shoot at people, unless its self-defence, then certainly by all means go ahead and shoot at people."

Step 1: The gun

Picture of The gun
Not really much to make.
Just a simple 5/8" wide 4' long piece of copper or brass tubing. When you buy it make sure there are no kinks or bends in it or else it looses its accuracy.

You can vary the length of the tube to suite your needs / lung capacity. A longer tube will have a greater accuracy and will add speed to the projectile, but you will need the lung capacity to be able to forcefully blow a projectile from it, and a longer pipe is harder to carry around. I settled on 4' because it felt like a good length.
I also spray painted it black for looks.

If you want to be able to carry it over your shoulder you can attatch a shoulder strap. I used an old guitar strap and taped it to each end, but dont put it all the way to the end on the side you are going to blow from.
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furboo3 years ago
Instead of using tape and yarn I used paper cones and sellotape, even simpler.
35004 years ago
my shaft is similar but its 3' long and made of lead. its heavy but resistant to anything.
Huntman00 35004 years ago
thats what she said
dude?!? lead poisoning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCzone 35004 years ago
are you dead
you just said that your gun is made of lead
kharn9 years ago
alternitavley you could use thin wire and tightly wrap it around the nail to hold the yarn on but other wise goos
xduke kharn4 years ago
I think the reason he uses yarn is for stabilization of dart while it is in flight.
rschwarz1 xduke4 years ago
I think he means to use the wire instead of the tape. A thin woven thread would also work in place of the yarn to get a more refined "professional" look.
maybe some sand paper a couple millimeters away from the match head would work?
try lining the end of your barrel with sand paprer and the match will come out on fire
bears0 54564 years ago
it would only work with strike anywhere matches because other matches have stuff on the striker that makes it ignite, the strike anywhere has 2 chemicals and the strike on box has 1 and the other on the striker, when they mix it ignites, you could use strike on box now that i think about that but if you used strike on box you would need the striker
Xavierxf5 years ago
I have decided to use 5 foot electrical conduit. It works perfectly. Got 10 feet at once though so i cut it in half and i have 2.
could you just get a capasator and charge it with a battery some how? if u can then how would you do it?
just touch the capacitor leads to a battery of your choice...
Lemon djzadjza5 years ago
That works in theory, but he'd need a 330v battery. lol
54565 years ago
those work nicely

54565 years ago

try using milllitary grade 1'' long fletchetes

When i was going to build some lathe tools i put a Long bolt in my Drill (grinded of the bolthead) turned my drill and grinded the front with a sanding piece So it was very sharp

It makes great ammo
you say about lung capacity how tall are you cos i'm twelve and if you're 21(thats a guess) 4 ft is not going to be good for me so how tall are you Plz reply i spent a long time at writing that i always get b's in my school report
i hear ya. im 12 as well and im using 5' copper pipe
thank u and i got a good report lol last time it was rubbish and i had to revise over the hols but it was good this time so i was free!
i know this comment is 1 year old, but at this point, you should try a 6 ft pipe. even better. im using a 20 ft. one attatched to an airgun XD
I am using a 6ft aluminum pipe. It works insanely well.
yeah, i just use a gun, you know, 17. calibre lever action.
Do you mean .177? Because 17. caliber means the bullet is 17 inches across which is a HUGE cannon.
Ha ha, I want one of them, but isn't it bolt action, not lever action? I'm confused.
Ahh I see, never seen lever action before so thanks for the explanation.
Your welcome.
4 feet will be fine for you, I'm 14 and 9 days and I use a 2 metre long pipe.
KentsOkay8 years ago
hey dudes, i've got a way better way to make an exploding warhead. roll a piece of paper thats about 4inches square around a pencil. glue it so it doesnt come undone and put a party snap in the front, sort of sticking out. then fill the thing with black powder from fircrackers. glue it onto your regular darts, and presto, BPG.
firecrackers do not contain black powder they contain flash powder i'm thirteen and i know that
True, in almost all cases. You being 13, however, has nothing to do with your knowledge. :P
true, i'm twelve and i am making a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/forum/TB70TWDF82EU5YX/">detonater</a><br/>
So you're insulting this guy cause he is cleverer than you? A chav badge is being made with your name on it right... NOW.
how am i insulting him? who am i insulting? what chav badge?!?
No, shampoo robot is insulting you.
umm... not much of an insult. every one at my school calls me a nerd.
Hell, nerds are the people of tomorrow, with technology the way it's going, I'd take that as a complement.
Lol my point was that young people can do impressive things just as well as adults.
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