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Hi folks,
For my first instructable I want to show how I made a cover for my recent gifted e-book reader.
As disclaim, I need to inform about my written (and spoked too) English skill level is soooo poor (I'm spanish and I only study English for three years (Long time ago in a galaxy far far away), and please, do not matter if I write something mismatched... Maybe you can help to improve it! ;)

Materials needed:
- And e-book reader, obviously.
- 2 wood covers 0.5 cm bigger on each side than your e-book reader.
- Some fabric, in my project an old blue velvet fabric, bigger more than 4 times the dimensions of the e-book reader.
- White glue (the used on carpentry)
- Contact adhesive.
- A sewing needle and sewing thread.
- Elastic rubber band (better if it's like this one covered with fabric).
- A button
- Some cord to make the closure lace.
- A cutter.
- A blue marker.

Step 1: Beggining

Picture of beggining
003_where to cut.jpg
005_2_refining edges.jpg
005_where to cut 3.jpg
First of all You need to cut, sanding and polish two pieces of lightweight wood 1 or 1,5 cm bigger than the e-book reader.

After cleaning the dust, place the wood pieces on top of the blue velvet fabric separated by 1,5 cm. and keeping a minimum margins of 2 cm on each side.

With the tailor chalk, mark the measures of the cover (remember, 2cm. or more  bigger than the wood pieces).

Cut the blue velvet.

Cut the angles of the fabric to better wrap it.

After this, You are now able to glue the wood pieces. I use white glue expanded with a "spatula".
Do it regularly and do not put too much white glue because it can go through the fabric. If you get an old comb, is really useful to regularly expand the glue.

Now, carefully place the wood pieces and press to paste it well.
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nice ideer
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