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Introduction: Bluetooth Headset Hack

My mum wanted to play some music from my desktop computer on her stereo(which doesnt have usb support but has stereo jack audio input) - and I was looking for reasons to hack stuff.
so i took  old broken bluetooth headset (that my ex broke...bla bla ) and  hacked it to include a stereo jack - and now she just plugs it in and plays the tunes(audio streaming) :)  

Future improvements:
1. Write a computer program to include voice control so she can just change music or switch of the computer off from her room using a voice command.
2.Hack the stereo to charge the bluetooth headset without unpluging it. (she probably wont let me do that lol )

Step 1: Schematic

This is the circuit diagram

Step 2: Items Needed

You are going to need: 
1. Bluetooth headset 
2.Stereo jack(3.5mm)
3.Soldering iron and wire 
5.Hot glue gun 
4.Thin wire 
5.General tools - e.g wire stripper 

Step 3: Process

Take the cover off  and be carefull with the small wires inside 

Step 4: ...

strip of the casing of the stereo jack if needed to 

Step 5:

Step 6: ...

Solder two wires to the stereo jack
- bridging the top 2 connections for left and right(black wire ) - then ground wire on third connection (white wire)

This is because the bluetooth headset has only two wires(mono output instead off stereo left and right ) 
*You might also want to snip off the microphone wires for privacy - but I didn't because I actually need that microphone for future hacks 

Step 7: ...

Make a small hole on the headset cover and insert the stereo jack then glue it on with hot glue 

Step 8: ...

Solder the wires from the stereo jack to the headset wires 
be very careful because you might end up pulling the wires off like I did 

Step 9: ...

Put the cover back and you have a finished product - tadaa!

Step 10: Finaly

Plug in your headset to the input(female stereo jack) of the stereo
Turn it on and pair it to your computer
Play some music



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    great idea, did it with a stereo set I got at the discount store, works great. hooked them up with rca jacks instead so it would plug into my vintage stereo. I love bringing the 1960's and 2013 together.

    nice, glad you could use my idea :)

    Anyone knows how to fix this? Its my bluetooth earbuds. Somehow this 6 wires is connected to a 4 wires. can anybody help me to fix it?


    I want to on off switch bypass in s530 Bluetooth device so what can i do for its

    I have also made one of these recievers for my sound system

    i made why the volume is so low

    because you are not using a matching speaker. probably the speaker you are using is much powerfull, therefore this circuit cant drive your speaker. you can use a cheap amplifier circuit as a fast solution. or you can find similar projects here, on instructables.

    I successfully made it but my woofer does not support it. Only the sound bar is working. Is it correct or should I make some changes?

    Please help!

    Hi, could you post more information about your hack e.g what you mean by sound bar etc