Features :

* Unmanned aerial vehicles supported

* The robotic arm (6-way)

* Burning laser system

* The camera system (3 cameras)

* Google glasses shielded tracking system

* Drilling system

* Depending on the drilling system, endoscopy snake camera

* Hardware audio system

* OSD system GPS and Satellite Connectivity

*WiFi Android Cell Phone Controlled

*Night lighting system

Step 1:

The aim of this project was designed to destroy the bomb.It also supported unmanned aerial vehicle was considered.

Step 2:

Once the drawings are completed, the construction was started. The construction of the robot body, 5mm aluminum composite panels were used.

Step 3:

Charged engine was fitted to the machine body. Spiral machine head was broken. Li was reducer. Torque tripled.

Step 4:

Bodywork, motersiklet bikes and gear are mounted. Chain was used as a motorcycle chain. Ear was added to the chain. Ear screwed to wooden pallets.

Step 5:

Electronic parts are mounted in the vehicle. Drilling system for drilling holes. Sound system for hostage negotiations. Video transmitter, a radio receiver system, power distribution, lighting systems, satellite communication system, OSD, Android control receiver, Snake camera motor system. Brush to drive the tank engine electronic speed control (ESC).

Step 6:

Upper body was. Gear was added to increase the power of torque.

Step 7:

One of the innovative features. Drilling system.

Step 8:

Another innovative feature. Strong blue laser burner system 2.4 w.Left to right and up and down maneuverability. Rear servo control be run with the trigger do.

Step 9:

Image instantly with three cameras on the robot are transferred google glasses and screen. 1) GoPro HD Hero 3 camera 2) snake camera hd 3) clamp the camera. Head tracking system is located on the glasses. It can rotate the camera to where we turn our head.

Step 10:

Sound system to make the hostage negotiations has been established. 4-channel receiver as the android altarnatif option has been added. Any 4 functions can be controlled from your android phone.

Step 11:

Battery voltage indicator and keys..

Step 12:

When we shoot video clips :) :)

Isn't it an open project???
<p>Merhaba bu palette kullandığınız zinciri nerden temin edebiliriz ve maliyeti ne kadardır</p>
<p>Chain, 40 dolar http://www.efekal.com/ (T&uuml;rkiye -İstanbul ). I put an ear on the motorcycle chain. I made the palettes from the tree. I'm a furniture teacher. :) :)</p>
<p>plz mail pdf file mi29mithun@gmail.com</p>
<p>please mail me the pdf file at : alokom78@gmail.com</p>
<p>hocam bu sene de gelicekmisin robot yarışmalarına </p><p>-Bence gelmesen daha iyi Kapgan Evo Diriliyor ;)</p>
<p>İnşallah geleceğiz. Daha projeye başlayamadım....</p>
<p>There is no instruction here.<br>Not even a BOM.<br>Try again with schematics, BOM, source code.</p>
<p>I agree...the project seems awesome, but there is not detail as to build this yourself. I was going to vote for you based on the video, but the content is lacking!</p>
<p>I put new pictures. I can not take pictures because of the intensive work continuously. There are many features. I could not describe them in detail. My English is bad. I can not find time for my next project.</p>
<p>Additional pictures wasn't what we ask for.</p><p>Full instructions for building it ourselves. That is the _point_ of this site.</p><p>You have not posted an Instructable. I see little more than what amounts to an advertisement.</p>
<p>Thank you for attention.</p>
<p>That looks amazing</p>
<p>Very cool! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>congratulations for your project. i love it. i would to made it, i would like to know how make the chain. i searched &quot;ear chain&quot; on google but i can't find where to buy. can you describe on the instructable how to made this?</p><p>thank you!</p>
Eared chain custom manufacturing. http://www.google.com.tr/imgres?imgurl=http://www.efekal.com/images/efekalresim.png&amp;imgrefurl=http://www.efekal.com/&amp;h=250&amp;w=700&amp;tbnid=CWvjqShUYFCjxM:&amp;docid=4kUZHHsXOd-4kM&amp;ei=L4EEVtfOBYPaU8jTo6AP&amp;tbm=isch&amp;ved=0CBoQMygAMABqFQoTCJeiw-HjkMgCFQPtFAodyOkI9A
<p>The build is very good. Especially the use of grinder gear box. But detail is lacking. Expecially regarding the chain. </p>
Thank... <br>I made arrangements again. It has now become. Picture too. I'm installing distress. My English is very bad :)
<p>slt j aime bien innover et ca c'est g&eacute;nial ;-)</p>
R u turkish ?

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