Picture of Borderlands Psycho Mask

This years halloween costume. The mask is made from air dry clay and a cpu fan. There is a layer of plasti-dip on the top to strengthen and give a "distressed look". There is a hidden toggle switch under the chin that to control the interior lights. I'd like to apologies for the lack of photos, I hadn't intended to do a step by step but a few people asked.


  • Plain white plastic face mask
  • Crayola Model Magic Clay 8oz pack
  • Swimming goggles
  • 40mm computer fan
  • 2 Leather Belts
  • Plasti-dip Spray can
  • Plastic lid
  • 5V Blue Leds, battery clip and wires


  • Soldering Iron
  • Super Glue
  • Scalpel

Nothing difficult here guys. I'm not artistic and I haven't soldered since school. Just takes some patience.

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Step 1: Working with the clay

Picture of Working with the clay

The make or break part of this build is how well you build up the clay on the mask, so this is just a few tips and pointers of how to work with the clay. All of which were learned from this tutorial.

I first rolled small sections of the clay out using a rolling pin (read: wine bottle) until it was roughly 5mm thick. Then any piece I wanted for the mask was cut out from this "sheet" using the scalpel and a ruler. The rule was only used very roughly, as any excess or lack on the mask could easily be fixed by removing or with a bit more clay. I used my fingers for 90% of the shaping, but the few flat edges I wanted I just used the handle of the scalpel.

Each piece was laid on the mask and the edges pressed down to stick it in place. I then used the "wet finger" technique from the linked tutorial to remove any joints between pieces. I didn't bother with sandpaper, I tried it and couldn't make it work. I found I could smooth out the clay sufficiently by wetting my thumbs and sliding them across the clay, pressing softly as I went.

Be sure to work with small pieces of clay at a time. If you have a large rolled sheet it will dry out on you, this is air-dry clay after all.

KristiS13 months ago

For DanaM1 (and anybody else). I did use a plastic mask. The clay did not stick...and when it dried, it cracked in a lot of places (thick and thin areas). But, I glued the cracks with liquid nails glue (color white...paintable) and I'm hoping that the glue in the cracks will adhere the clay to the mask. The cracks actually give a really awesome distressed look that I couldn't have planned better. I'm adding plasti-dip spray today. Hoping that will help stick the clay to the plastic mask too.

Eireannach (author)  KristiS13 months ago

That's an awesome tip! I might do some repairs to mine now!

DanaM13 months ago

did you have any problems with the clay sticking to the mask? Someone said it doesn't stick to plastic as well as a paper mask, but it seems like that would be too hard to mold to, plus the shape wouldn't be as smooth.

Eireannach (author)  DanaM13 months ago
I didn't have any problems with the clay sticking but now a year later I can see the clay starting to peel away.

Nice job! planing on going to comic con as a Psycho. This will help give me idea on ways to go about the mask part. thanks!

pheenix429 months ago


Sarrx9 months ago

hey, what type of plastidip did you use?

siavash_memar10 months ago
nice work ,and fun to do ,tnx
andrea biffi11 months ago

very good!

dupes88811 months ago
Ha i love this game and mask im almost done with bl2 uvht
eyouel11 months ago
Aleator77711 months ago

Nice work! Not too complicated and looks easy to do.