This is a really easy weekend project that you can do to give your bike some brake lights.

Step 1: Get Your Parts

Get the parts that are needed: 

     Lots of Zip-ties
     Copper (I used some 14 gauge Romex I had around my house)
     Tail light (I used a Planet Bike Blinky 3 that I have been using for years on my bike)
     Soldering Iron
Bro i dont understand the battery connenctor part, how that works , that it don't need switch button anympre, or it will flash without it ?<br>Can u post a video, i really in need of that :'(
Awesome idea.
<p>This is awesome and simple, how are there no comments? If you tap your brakes twice and hold, does the light start blinking? :)</p>
<p>That is a cool idea. Will do it in few days but wont fixing it at the brake handles be a much more better? I mean, will omit the unnecessary extended wiring. Especially down the fork.<br><br>But good job!</p>
Lol ^^ seriously you should go on shark tank xD improve it though, too look more professional lol Btw, when you said to get the battery connector closest to the switch, will that override the switch? I have one think it's a bell light and it has 4 modes and the 3rd mode is the mode where the light stays, but when I put it on that mode and I test it out by touching the wires it works, but soon after a couple seconds later the light turns off, and idea?
I work at a bike shop, patent that and get it on shark tank. :)
Clever idea but because there is so much bare wire do you find the batteries bleed out quickly?
The only time that current is running though the circuit is when the breaks are applied. There is no reason that the batteries should die quickly at all.
I didn't know that. I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the heads up!
You can buy v-brake levers (also work with cable pull discs) that have electric switches in them. They are sold for electric bicycles, as cutout switches that activate when braking, but can be wired to engage light systems.
Very cool. Absolutely on my to-do list!
great! Thank you. Should try this whenever I am free!
Very clever, i like it

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