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ronald l7 days ago

fo keep small screws and bolts from coming loose wrap the threads with teflon plumbers tape two or three wraps. It will keep the screw from coming loose acts like a ny-lock. can be used over and over many times works best on small screws!

90turk9 days ago

Thank you for "posting your first Instructable!!" I love instructables.com :)

no joker15 days ago

thanks for the offer if I ever need help I will ask you

Nice work you have here. Keep it up

Mack Q2 months ago

Troy, thanks for your support, looking forward to future ingenewing :)

TvoAquiC6 months ago

Thanks for looking my instructables! I love all your ideas !!!

A greeting!

Thanks for looking at my man cave!

I love the shower idea

Bluejay477 months ago

you have some good inventions

LintBallz kise8 months ago

Lol, told my mom about that idea and she said these words exactly, "Ooohhh. That sounds good!"

A Risen Devil10 months ago

You're welcome! Thank you for your post!

Thank you for following me! :)