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solatronix8 days ago

Thanks for the dancing robot :)

thanks! so much

I loved all your wood products! Nice proyects and thanks for sharing!!

Thanks from


I love your work and I thank you for being there to help new members like me. I am so thankful for the encoragment you have given me.

Love the projects on your page! :)

Logan3022 months ago

Thanks Troy you are so helpful to new members. Thanks again

Natebaker3 months ago

Hey Troy thanks for checking up on me I'm good though I'll have it done soon

Thanks Troy for the encouragement!

The NerdyN3 months ago

Thanks Troy for the support! :)

lunjesse3 months ago

Thanks for the encouragement and dancing robot. :)

CsiGiRe3 months ago

Thanks for the support and for the dancing robot ! :)

jl927004 months ago

wow you are the best Troy

CarlosA264 months ago

How do you make the white background in your instructables?

tomatoskins (author)  CarlosA264 months ago

Are you talking about in my images? I just use a white sheet or paper and take my photos in a well lit area. After that I bump up my brightness and contrast as well as use a couple of other features in Photoshop to get the final result.