Are you breathing? Do you have a gadget that can be charged via a USB port? Well if you answered yes to both, then you are in luck. This instructable shows how to make a device that will charge your USB-capable devices while you do what you do best. Breathe. Using some parts scavenged from an old CD-ROM drive, a simple electronic circuit, and a few rubber bands you will soon be huffing and puffing your way to fully-charged pseudo-useful electronic gadget nirvana.

Step 1: Introduction and Step 1

This project requires a wide range of "maker" skills, such as PCB board manufacture, dismantling of electronics, cutting and drilling plastics, mixing epoxy, designing a gear train, kludging together a bunch of parts, bending paper clips, and risking the well being of your ever so expensive phone, camera, or PDA. All in all, good fun.

Since everyone will have a different collection of junk parts to build this from, I will just give you a detailed overview of how I went about it and you can apply these ramblings to your own project. Which will consist loosely of four steps.

1. Scrounge up some suitable parts for the generator
2. Build the charger circuit
3. Assemble the generator, thorax coupler, and mechanical return
4. Connect the charger circuit, and test

Step 1:

I had about four old CDROM drives hanging around and took apart a few of them to see what cool parts were inside. Turns out there are lots of cool motors, gears, and other parts inside that fully validate my insistence of keeping such crap laying around. Seeing the gear trains inside these units used for opening the tray gave me the idea for this project. The small low-torque, high-RPM motor is linked to the tray via a gear train that has a final ratio of about 20:1 Previously I had been using a parallel array of tiny pager motors to generate electricity from breathing (see below) but the linear travel from your chest expansion is not that great (around an inch) so in order to generate useful voltages you had to really huff and puff.

Anyway, tear into those CDROM drives, which you can find at pretty much any garage sale, thrift store, or landfill. The pic below shows the results. Lots of potential projects in there. For now, we are only interested in the plastic gears and the motors for opening the tray and/or moving the laser carriage.

Look over the various gears and drives and try to visualize a way to add additional gears to increase the gear ratio, or how to add another motor in series. You want to minimize the changes to the gear train. Alternatively you can just scavenge all the gears and build your gearbox up from scratch.

You are also going to need at least one motor with a small gear or pulley on it so that you can connect it to the gear train. The motors in the CDROM drive are typically simple permanent magnet DC motors designed to run on 5V, except for the spindle motor, which you don't want to use anyway.

At this point you also want to think about what you are going to use for a strap to go around your chest. An old belt, some webbing, an old shoelace, a name badge strap, or anything that will fit around you comfortably without any stretch to it. You want all the expansion to take place in your linear generator. Any stretch that occurs in your thorax coupler will be wasted energy.
<p>Where did u get the stuff from? Could you send a link? </p>
<p>this with some upgrades and with more &quot;free&quot; power making it could make a survival system for an apocalypse xD Annndd you could be autosuficient with your gadgets attached to your cloth or body.</p><p>Veryy cool man! Godd work ;)</p>
i want to increase power of this thing up to x2 any help please... and did any one else had tried to make this project
What if you made this thing more durable so that, while you sleep, you can charge your phone overnight? This, in combination with some solar cells on your back, and that shoe-mounted generator, would make jogging look like a daily routine to just charge your phone! Although the solar cells on your back is kinda off since who would want to carry solar cells on their sweaty backs? I'll consider making this if I have the time.
how about a hat with solar cells? or maybe a sweatband or something<br>i like the idea alot :D<br><br>this principle (pull+rubber band) can also be applied to your legs i'd imagine, whenever ur walking ur stretching and bending ur legs<br>something between ur shoes and ur lower back/butt should work<br><br>imagine this: couple of breath powered chargers, solar panels on ur head, shoe charge thingie, those leg things i talked about<br>and a couple of gel batteries in a backpack, or distributed per charger<br><br>then you'd be able to charge a laptop or something else :D
Actually, there's this interesting little hat I found on my vacation to Singapore. It had solar panels on the top, and that was connected to a little fan pointed at your face. It's a self-regulating system, more sun = more power = faster fan, less sun = less power = slower fan. But I guess a little hand-crank thing is better at charging than this, since this is just a little experiment; nothing is meant for practicality.
yeah, i know those thingies lemme guess? they costed around 15~20 bucks each? theyr on deal extreme for <a href="http://www.dealextreme.com/p/stylish-hat-cap-with-solar-powered-cooling-fan-black-43455">7 each</a><br> <br> anyway, those panels are really small, and low-power prolly<br> but its a good place to start :D<br> <br> i was thinking along the lines of a massive sombrero :D:D:D<br> <br> that would look totally awesome (try looking @ someone wearing that and n&oacute;t laugh!)<br>
Actually, the one's I saw were a bit larger. The fan is just clipped-on to the visor, then the solar panels are about the size of 8 of those little panels.<br> <br> But really, massive sombrero? I think those would exist if EMP were to hit Mexico (any Mexican viewing this, <em>no offense</em> :D). But LOL at a hi-tech sombrero covered in panels.<br> <br> It might as well be an... umbrella... Solar Beach Umbrella anyone?<br>
i like that one!<br>something against the heavy sun/wind that charges a battery and powers a radio or something!<br><br>but the panels would have to be able to come off and be used for something else, too<br>i mean, theyr not th&aacute;t cheap, and that way theyd be stored in the closet most of the year
How about nanosolar? And it's more of an &quot;umbrella&quot; than a real umbrella with all the fluid motion and whatnot. But yeah, I do agree that they would have to come off. How about NASA style? A single stack of panels that unfolds into a disk. To make portable, just make it do another 360 in reverse, clip 'em together, then fold down. I'll make an animation sometime this week. For now, I have to deal with a hacker and remotely mock his hacking skills halfway around the world.
foldable solar panels? think i heard it existed, completely forgot bout that :D<br>add some velcro patches on the bottom, make it tear-resistant and ur good to go :)<br><br>slap it on ur hat, umbrella, backpack, or roof and charge ur laptop :D<br><br>wonder if the cost would outweigh the benefit/savings in the long run though, tear-resistant foldable solar panels that can handle daily wear and tear can't be cheap...
Just wait a few more years and nano-technology will catch up with solar,<strong> then</strong><br> it'll be cheap, <em>then</em> someone will input a patent, and this little comment chain would be credited ;D<br>
we're gonna be rich, rich, RICH!! :P
another thing to add to it would be a flywheel setup so on each breath it strarts spinning and will continue to spin between breaths some better gears say 50:1 or even 100:1
A flywheel would be cool. It would add to the complexity, but since a custom gear train is in order anyway it wouldn't be too hard to pull off. The higher gear train ratios become tougher and tougher to build as the precision and strength of the gears gets more important with such a large ratio. The internal losses with a kludged together gear train at 100:1 would be considerable.<br><br>-Jon
now you only have to downsize the concept and implement iut not only for breathing but for every cloth that involves the stretching of parts of the human body. You know how some people use weights to train for sports or any other resistance? Instead of this energy could be won out of it (for example by jogging one can power the own mp3 player). One only has to think of where motion or a difference appears - and energy can be sucked out of that.
great idea, i really like it. might have to give it a try soon
Nice concept and nice work.<br><br>About that PowerPoint-presentation you linked to:<br>The idea of using electroactive polymer is interesting, have you looked more into it?<br>Are such materials exotic and hard to make use of for a DIY'er?<br><br>I imagined piezoelectric materials was a good choice for non-conventional generators, however the info. in the PowerPoint-presentation says electroactive polymer is a better choice.<br>Do you know approximately how many amps. a spark from a piezoelectric crystal produce? (Voltage can be in thousands.)<br><br>Thanks,<br>Keep it up!
Both piezo and electroactive are tough to use in such a low frequency application. They both are more of a high voltage, low current source which means high impedance and complicates harvesting from this kind of bio source. MIT made a piezo shoe, but the efficiency is really poor. Since this is a waste source of energy, as in otherwise the work done on the shoe sole is turned into heat, efficiency is less of an issue. However, using the chest wall expansion of breathing is not a waste source and any extra effort required due to inefficient conversion is then a metabolic load on the wearer. Not ideal unless you are looking to lose weight while charging your phone.<br><br> I've got a concept for an improved device that I have been working on. I don't know if it will make an appearance on Instructables though. THanks for reading.<br><br>-Jon
Allright, I see. Thanks for your feedback.
DANG IT! I literally had a dream last night where I made one of these things! You have beaten me too it. Excellent work!
Hi my friend, i like your prototype (Y) <br> <br>Also you can put a electrlytic capacitor to make a constant voltage, 470uf will work fine, conected in parallel with vcc and negative. Just breath a couple of times before you conect a charge. Saludos (:
&nbsp;A friend of mine is an industrial design major working on a project for school. She's looking to use this device in a unique application, but we're on some stringent time constraints. Neither of us have much experience with this sort of thing. If we buy the MintyBoost chip that you mentioned below as being similar, it does not have an input for the generator. How would we tie in the generator? Any help would be much appreciated.&nbsp;
See the schematic of the minty boost linked below.&nbsp; You'd need to add a full bridge rectifier between pin 6 of IC1 and GND, with the generator across the other two nodes.&nbsp; In my schematic, the rectifier is the array of 4 diodes (D1, D2, D3, D4).&nbsp; You'll need to duplicate my arrangement, with the generator outputs (PWN-IN in my schematic) across two nodes of the rectifier and the Vin (Pin 6 of IC1) and Gnd (Pin 1 of IC1) from the minty boost across the other two.<br /> <br /> Another thing to note is that the minty boost may not even work without two batteries for baseline since the LT1302 IC is designed for 2V operation while the ST L6920 in my circuit operates down to 0.6V&nbsp; Also, based on the datasheets, the minty boost IC is 82% efficient at 2.4V input and my circuit's IC is 90% at 2.4V (84% at 1.2V input).&nbsp; Not a big deal.<br /> <br /> http://www.ladyada.net/images/mintyboost/mintyboostv2sch.png<br />
&nbsp;is there any way i can just purchase the whole completed charger circuit?&nbsp;
The circuit is pretty similar to the main circuit in a Minty Boost if I&nbsp;recall correctly.&nbsp; You can buy a minty boost kit somewhere on teh Internets. <br /> <br /> http://www.ladyada.net/make/mintyboost/<br /> <br /> Otherwise, the cost of the components for my circuit is negligible, like less than $10.&nbsp; I&nbsp;can dig around and see if I&nbsp;can scrounge a complete board.&nbsp; Honestly I&nbsp;got sidetracked from this project and haven't looked at it in years so I&nbsp;can't be sure I&nbsp;even have any of it still.&nbsp; If I&nbsp;do, it would be better that someone use it than it sit in a drawer in my basement so I&nbsp;would be willing to donate to a good cause. &nbsp;What is your plan for the circuit?&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;science project. i'm a freshman in high school. i've been working on this project all year on ways to charge everyday devices using alternative energy sources. the breath powered usb charger is one of my main examples. it would be great if i could demonstrate it but i'm having problems making it on my own and my teacher's not much help :)
You could hook a device like this to tree branches that move back and forth in the wind. It could be called the E.T. generator. ( like how our Reeses loving alien powered his "phone home" call.
I like it! A bit less efficient than a wind turbine, but Rube Goldberg-esque.
hai, im just confused of all the component set-up, can u give me the complete design from generating a voltage from your breath until to the charger itself? plz thanx u
For the copper clad board you should use steel wool instead of sandpaper. I find sandpaper too harsh and can cause to deep scratches and shorts later.
sos i'm from Peru ( latin america) if I cant get the lets call it ""memory " whit what I can replaced it maybe with i dont kow what kind of resistance !!!!??? thanks plis answer as soon as posible please!!!
Make a dummy ARC REACTOR like the one in the movie "Iron Man" and power that using your breath. It will glow more while you are jogging.
Make a dummy ARC REACTOR like the one in the movie "Iron Man" and power that using your breath. I will glow more while you are jogging.
Nice, butt I think i keep with my Solar Powered USB Charger :-) Took me 10 min to buy.
That kinda bypasses the reason we're all on here though, doesn't it?
It does. But you know how much youd have to breathe???
not as much as you breathe in one week of your whole lifetime...
An LED would work better with this. great job, though
I'm definetly doing this. I have an old cd drive so I'm in luck!
I've seen several circuits using all type of resistance values on the data buses. Is 100k the correct value? Do you have more information about it? thanks!
The resistors are grounded, and thus basically function as pull down resistors. The USB 2.0 spec would be the best place to look for the pull-down requirements to meet the standard but 100k is adequate, what I had handy, and seems to work well in my case. In an application with actual data transfer, the values may be more important.
thanks for quick reply, i'll try it.
I work mostly with live sound and every now and again we get feedback during a soundcheck. Do you think that it would be possible to harness the energy from there feedback?
The energy you are hearing comes from the amps driving the speakers. So there is no energy to harness. People have developed vibrating energy harvesting devices that are tuned to the vibrations present in the environment from a big piece of machinery for example. These typically generate in the neighborhood of microwatts for powered wireless sensors. They periodically radio the sensor data as they accumulate enough energy to send a transmission. If the feedback were present all the time then you could build a similar tuned device that would vibrate at the feedback frequency. A very annoying way to get a very small amount of power.
This is a very cool project. Strangely, a Simon Fraser university group has just published an article in SCIENCE journal about a 5W &quot;energy harvester&quot; powered by the movement of the knee joint.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/319/5864/807">http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/319/5864/807</a> <br/><br/>Jmengel, you should write the editors of that journal and point out this article.<br/>
This was just posted on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SGA8GIHF1OABQAP/">Engadget</a> AGAIN! Are they trying to get us free publicity? Probably hoping to scheme some money outta us.<br/>
great idea! just do not wear to the airport.

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