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nikhila8664 months ago

Thanks for sharing your project jmengel.

gaurang034 years ago
hi jmengel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you provide me the detailed about the same projects as we need to make it for our project exhibition.......
i want new wireless concept to be for charger can u suggest me for the same concept .how i can modifi the same for wirelessss concept....
please give me suggestion for new concept and provide me the detailed about the project......
zandee127 years ago
how much did you spend making the breathe usb charger?
zandee127 years ago
hi jmengel, i want to make a breathe USB charger but the instructions are pretty limited. could you please e-mail me a more detailed instructions? please please... and i also want to hear any suggestion from you regarding our thesis. we are still choosing what thesis to do and i hope you can help us pick the best topic. anyway im a 5th year engineering student major in electronics and communication... tnx... mwuah!
jmengel (author)  zandee127 years ago
The basics for the charger are all there. A boost circuit with energy reservoir (battery), a device for mechanical to electrical conversion (motor), and a mechanism to translate available mechanical motion into the energy converter (gear train). Since I was using scrap parts I found laying around it is difficult to compile a complete step by step "how-to". As a 5th year engineering student you should be able to take that and adapt it to whatever parts and resources you have available. Give it a go, you might surprise yourself. Regarding your thesis. I was not aware that theses were team projects. Times change. How about a study of underwater basketweaving, or volcano worshipers, or the manufacture of free energy using homopolar generator technology squashed by the Illuminati? Seriously, I'm not in a position to pull a thesis project out of a hat for you. If you had some general ideas or areas of interest I might be able to come up with some real advice. That said, if I were back in grad school right now, I would focus on the use of biological cells as components in bio-hybrid systems, creating a life support system and electrical interface for cells and using their superb capabilities for such tasks as chemical sensing, micro-scale actuation, inertial navigation, etc. Good luck. -J
alxram8 years ago
Hi Jmengel,

I hope you don't mind, I've added you to our group... you're welcome to join!
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project and welcome to Instructables! Let me know if you have any questions.