Bring a Vintage GI Joe Walkie-Talkie Back to Life with Bluetooth!

Picture of Bring a Vintage GI Joe Walkie-Talkie Back to Life with Bluetooth!
I had only one circa 1970, GI-Joe green Walkie-Talkie that, to the untrained eye, only sits there and occasionally generates static.
But to an observer of the correct age and attitude, this toy can evoke images of a childhood past, friends and fun times.
So since it's got no partner to talk to, won't generate any money on eBay and it's too cool to just throw out, how can we bring it back to life!??

Bluetooth is the answer my friend! ...I have plenty of old Bluetooth earpieces stuffed in the junk drawer, missing ear-buds, broken ear-loops and worn out batteries...let's hack one into the Walkie-Talkie and turn it into a cell phone speaker phone!

It's a practical project even!  I don't have Bluetooth in my old truck...and now with the finished Walkie-Talkie, I can take hands free calls!

What's needed for this Instructable:
  - Hackable Walkie-Talkie (or maybe an answering machine or old telephone??)
  - Bluetooth earpiece (available as low as $10 on Amazon and eBay)
  - Multi-meter (ideally with "Square Wave Generator" setting)
  - Drill
  - Soldering Iron and Solder
  - Glue to connect the headset to the Walkie (I used a 3M product called "Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive")
  - Clamps
  - Electrical tape

  (This Instructable submitted by the Rabbit-Hole Maker Space as part of the Instructables Sponsorship Program.)
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I had 2 at one time, left them in my parents attic years ago and mom sold them....
mazzmn (author)  arkangel19752 years ago
bummer! and the baseball card collection worth thousands too, right ;-)
lol surprisingly true, my uncle had a card collection, it ended up in my grandmothers attic, she threw it out...
Here is the kicker, Mickey Mantle was his favorite player, he used to show his sister (my mom) all his Mickey Mantle cards all the time when they were little.
Oh well, hopefully some trash collector got insanely rich.