A quick step by step on one method of transfering a digital image or logo to a piece of metal (in this case the once mighty Dellpod).

You will need:
-a computer with photo editing software
-a printer
-packing tape
-masking tape
-exacto knife
-goof-off or similar solvent

Step 1: Printing your image

1. Develop your image on the computer. one color logos are easiest.

2. Print this image

3. Place a piece of packing tape over the image on the paper, then place a piece of making tape on top.

4. Remove masking tape and apply it to the object you want to engrave.
I'm back! Just made this using your technique. However, I used a dremel with an engraver bit instead of a dull exacto blade. Works just as well--but faster ; ) <br> <br>Thanks again, <br> <br>black hole
This really works! Congrats on a job well done! I'm looking forward to more 'ibles from you.

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