Picture of Budget Exacto Knife Metal Engraving
A quick step by step on one method of transfering a digital image or logo to a piece of metal (in this case the once mighty Dellpod).

You will need:
-a computer with photo editing software
-a printer
-packing tape
-masking tape
-exacto knife
-goof-off or similar solvent

Step 1: Printing your image

Picture of Printing your image
1. Develop your image on the computer. one color logos are easiest.

2. Print this image

3. Place a piece of packing tape over the image on the paper, then place a piece of making tape on top.

4. Remove masking tape and apply it to the object you want to engrave.
black hole3 years ago
I'm back! Just made this using your technique. However, I used a dremel with an engraver bit instead of a dull exacto blade. Works just as well--but faster ; )

Thanks again,

black hole
black hole3 years ago
This really works! Congrats on a job well done! I'm looking forward to more 'ibles from you.