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My girlfriends grandparents are part of the elks lodge, they play this game a lot. They say that this game was created by the lodge; I can neither confirm nor deny this fact. I AM NOT THE ONE WHO INVENTED IT (just want to make that clear). Any ways, I have played this with a few friends and family, I really enjoyed it. So my brother in law and I decided to build our own sets, this is how we did it, enjoy.

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The score keeper that goes with this board can be found here


Stand on leading edge (end rope is attached) of game board for tosses. Foot may not extend over edge of the game board.

Holes count 1 point for nearest, 3 points for middle and 5 points for furthest.

Each competitor pitches three - three inch washers per turn.
(i.e., one competitor pitches three washers and then the other competitor pitches three)

Turn determined by last competitor to score.
(i.e., even if the last person to toss scores zero, but cancels points scored by competitor in that round.)

Score can be cancelled by pitching a washer into the same hole as competitor. Opposing washers zero one another.
(i.e., competitor one scores a 1 and two 3s, competitor two scores a 1, a 3 and a 5.
Result: Competitor one gets 3 points, competitor two gets five points)

First competitor to score exactly 21 points wins the game.
If both competitors tie at 21 in same round, then the game restarts at 11 each.

If a competitor scores over 21 then subtract score from last point total.
(i.e., current score 18, scores 3 for 21 but scores a second washer counting 5 which equals 26. Add both washers and subtract from 18 = 10)

If you make all three washer in the same hole on your turn you automatically win the game.
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sikesjb made it!6 months ago

Built these Memorial Weekend 2013. Made a few minor changes and added a night feature when I finished. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

phrank701 year ago
Do you use 1/2" or 3/4" plywood for the top?
Very cool project!
We call this game "Arizona Horseshoes" our family gets together everysummer for a weekend of tournaments
desertsniper (author)  brandon100122 years ago
Thats Pretty neat! I have heard this game been called many things from washers to red neck horse shoes. one thing every one calls it is fun!
my family plays this at our family reunion and we call it "Polish Horseshoes"