King Tutankhamen, Pharaoh of Egypt was buried in 1350 BC with many artifacts of his life including this royal cabinet. I have created these plans from photographs and dimensions available on the internet. I also used the "golden ratio" as a design guide. Basic woodworking tools will suffice to create this fine piece of history!

Step 1: The Plan Front and Back

Begin by cutting 4ea. Legs. Each is 1X1 square 30" long. Each leg should have mortise slots cut at each cross member and panel location. Cross member Slots should be 1/4" wide X 3/4" long X 1/4" depth. Panel Slots should be 1/4" wide by full panel length X 1/8" depth. All slots should be centered on the legs. Cut the panel and top cross bar for the back only. The 1/2" thick panel should be 7.5" tall and 16 3/4 wide with the last 1/8 on each side cut to 1/4" thick on center to insert in the leg panel slots. Cross bars should be 1X1X 17 long with the last 1/4" on each side cut to 1/4" thick to insert into the leg cross member slots.
That is so cool! I'm going to try this some time soon, keep up the good work
This is awesome! Great job!
What a cool idea! I believe Hatshepsut was the first to have holes drilled into the palace furniture so she could use her pink Razr.
Ahhh! I love ancient Egypt!!! I Want! I Want! I Want!
Wow! Great work! I should start cruising museum catalogs to for inspiration! Thanks!

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