Step 15: Show Off

Now that you've got some serious-looking ginormous battle armor, the only thing left to do is to take it out in public and amaze the heck out of everyone you meet.

It's also a good idea to find a few followers of some lesser emperor and make them feel inferior.
Dandaru1 year ago


But...I was wondering, how much does making one of these cost? I mean, just printing the pepakura model lifesize is pretty expensive. I can't even imagine how much a single armour building process can have cost.


tmoore261 year ago
Not only would a Camelback be a good idea to wear under this suit, but you could effectively install some small CPU fans along inconspicuous parts of the armor and use the backpack as the power source to provide ventilation. It was something I was considering for an Ork Meganob build. It'll also give the suit a living humming sound which could only help.
jtmcdole1 year ago
Looks amazing!
MrRodrigez2 years ago
Camelback is a brilliant idea, IMO. Now all that's left is a Jump-Pack :D
Anyway, as a fellow lanky person, (20 years, only 107(i know right?)) I'd be quite interested in seeing how this goes for you :P
UK_IN_US2 years ago
Mr. Thorsson,
I have sent you an e-mail re: this build. I ran into you during Maker Faire 2011 as a tall lanky 13-year-old on crutches. I then managed to send you into a minor panic (I'm still sorry about that) when you e-mailed me a few weeks later. I had entirely forgotten about signing up for the e-mail list at your Halo booth. (Oops.) anywho, I'm a 6'2" 14-year-old now, and looking at doing something awesome with money I've got laying around. Does anyone have any ideas on what might need to be modded to fit my tall skinny (really skinny, 130 lbs) frame? I already know I'm going to need shorter stilts. Should I move the knee or something? My arms are also about 34" long, and I have handily hyperflexible elbows. I am also used to tromping around in hot weather for extended periods of time with heavy loads (Boy Scouts, 1st class), and on that note, would a camelback hidden inside the backpack be a workable and/or useful idea?
RTWHOCKEY2 years ago
Absolutely amazing! Great job Thorssoli!
the greatest and funniest instructable i've ever seen
JDMac1743 years ago
Must've taken a lot of ingenuity to accomplish this... plus a lot of man hours... you should make a movie with them.
LordZ19783 years ago
Here I can get one of this suits, they are awesome..
jefflarkin3 years ago
This is incredible! Congratulations and thank you for sharing this.
K4nyix3 years ago
I will take upon myself to upgrade this onto a working suit with all the electronics and servomotors ;)

This is an amazing work, bravo ! I always dreamt of walking around as a SpaceMarine, and never had solved the problems of longer arms and legs _ apparently, it wasn't as hard as I had thought ! I would think the knees would look a bit off, don't they ?
More seriously, about servomotors, the greatest thing of all would to be able to actually make the hands move _ I might actually getting down to that at some point someday...

Thank you for this amazing ible, with all this humor hanging around :P Very inspirational ! And made me as well as probably a lot of people discover that one can actually craft professional lifesize molds in an industrial scale :)
firesirt K4nyix3 years ago
I just had a similar idea, only with hydraulics instead of motors.
Quester553 years ago
Great Project, But don't waste that talent, Contact the Producers or Management for, " MONSTER MAKER ", it comes on HULU every week, Good luck on the future Builds.
getting all the ladies
adamythos3 years ago
Amazingly cool!
Spade1153 years ago
Very cool, I really like the helmets. lol Would be perfect for motorcycle riding. lol
Bugtastic3 years ago
Unbelievably awesome! Beautifully done. (A legion of the damned suit would be the bee's knees!)