Build Your Own Wood Lathe in 30 Minutes





Introduction: Build Your Own Wood Lathe in 30 Minutes

Step 1: To Build Your Own Wood Lathe in 30 Minutes You Need!

Step 2: In This Instructables I Am Going to Share a Brilliant Idea About How to Make a Power DIY Mini Lathe.

Step 3: We Will Will Need Next to Nothing to Make It.

Step 4:

Step 5: Most of Those Things You Can Either Find at Home or Buy in a Shop.

Step 6: Make a DIY Mini Lathe at Home Yourself!



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    Motor and chuck come from a Banggood kit

    For future instructables, I would suggest that a video and a few pictures are not enough. Generally, on this site I expect to see a complete list of necessary supplies (including the source) and a complete step-by-step set of written instructions. A video is a nice add-on but cannot be the only source for info. Otherwise there's no benefit coming here over YouTube. As Jim noted, this really just looks like an ad for your youtube video, which isn't appropriate, in my opinion. I'd like to see you build this out with full information so I can build this - I'd love one for my workshop but even the video didn't contain enough information on supplies and process for me to do that.

    I agree. However, there actually are a lot of Instructables that have a video as the only source of info, so it is acceptable, if not preferred.

    I find videos very helpful because I can see it being done, which is often easier than making sense of written instructions. That is, when I can concentrate long enough to watch a video. This one was short and to the point, the way I like it. But, since I have no clue what he was talking about, it is useless to me without the writen instructions.

    Just a thought here, but you could connect the motor to the chuck via a belt drive instead of mounting the chuck directly. That would give you the option "change gears" with a bit of tinkering.

    I don't know much about the subject, but your idea sounds good to me, because all the lathes I can remember watching my dad work on had belt drives. It might be a little more difficult and time consuming I guess, which doesn't fit the "30 minutes" part of the concept, but it makes sense otherwise.

    Quite impractical to use belts, pulleys and bearings when the concept is making a wood lathe in 30 minutes!. Considering that electric motors commonly come at 2400 or 2800 RPM as well as the cheaper low speed ones, finding the right motor is part of the fun of creation. Both my father and I have used vacuum cleaner motors to build both metal and wood turning lathes.

    A potentially useful instructable ruined by a lack of detail and a fundamental misunderstanding of how electric motors work !

    half star rating .

    The video does help. It's still not quite detailed enough for me, but it's enough to get the general idea anyway.

    Uhhmm, Haven't you heard that A Picture is worth a thousand words. If you can't figure out how to build this simple lathe from the pictures...I'd say you have skills issues. I kinda LIKE having just pictures instead of hearing some benign ramblings of someone. Just give me the Meat and Potatoes and I'll figure out the rest!!! Sheesh!!!!!

    Maybe you haven't heard that this site is called "Instructables"?

    I can't figure out how to build this from the pictures because I have never done this before and I don't have any knowledge of how it is done. You could say I have "skills issues".... which is why I kinda NEED to have instructions with the pictures.

    You know, you had "skills issues" once yourself, unless you were just born knowing everything you need to know to make this "simple lathe"- which is highly unlikely.