I play a lot of Poker and wanted to build a poker table for when I host games. After perusing a few forums on designs and seeing the costs of the nicer looking ones, which can be a $500 plus, I went my own route.

While doing my research I noticed that the hardest part to make it look good was the table top/railing. So I decided to buy a pre-built poker table top online and go from there. That 1 step would save me time and what I can only imagine to be a massive amount of frustration.

Before starting you will need to have some basic wood working skills. Nothing complicated but enough to know the difference between a hammer and a saw.

That said let's start!

Step 1: Materials, Cost and Tools

The first thing I bought was a Harley-Davidson 675 Folding Poker Table Top off Amazon for $106 with free shipping using my Prime account. From there I designed the rest of the table around it.


$106 - Harley-Davidson 675 Folding Poker Table Top
$10 - 50"x50"x3/4" MDF Board for Table Top
$16 - A set of 2 1/2" x 28" Legs adjustable to 31"
$13 - A Can of Matte Black Spray Paint
$8 - 2 - 8'x3/4" Black Corner Stripping
$7 - 3 - 6'x1"x2 1/4" Boards
$6 - A box of 2" Wood Screws
$5 - Velcro

$171 Total (Not bad)


Miter Saw or a Saw with a Miter Jig
Circular Saw or Jig Saw
Staple Gun
Straight Edge or Long Level
Tin Snips or Really Powerful Scissors
Tape Measure
What would have worked good too, is to put the legs further toward the center of the table. This way no one has to straddle a table leg. Obviously not too close to the center or it would be easy to tip over. It's a good job. This is one of those "not cheaper but I made it" projects. Happens to me all the time :)
I also thought of bringing the legs in closer but as you pointed out stability could become an issue. So a settled on placing them at the edge. It looks cramped but actually I have played a full time multiple times and never had an issue with &quot;Your knee is touching mine!&quot;. <br> <br>Thanks for the comment.
lovee the look of it... but wouldnt it be cheaper just to by a poker table???<br>nice instructable anyway :)
Thanks! It could be cheaper but not as fun! Plus I think this is alot more sturdier and better looking than poker tables you could buy for $171.

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