I was looking for a good storage solution for my new workshop. A compactus seemed to be the ideal space saving solution but they are very expensive. So I decided to build my own. Keep in mind you will need a VERY level floor to house one of these puppies (-:

Step 1: What You Will Need

I wanted to use some readily available materials to build my compactus.  MDF is cheap and readily available so I decided to go with a MDF cabinet on a steel base.  I got most of the materials from my local hardware shop.  The only components that may be slightly tricky to get hold of are the rollers.  The best ones are typically used on the doors of lifts (elevators).  Fortunately I used to be a lift mechanic so I had some used ones in my shed.  These are a part that are periodically replaced on all lifts so try calling your local lift maintenance company to see if you can obtain some used "bar track rollers".  If you can't source these you may need to make a visit to your local bearing supplier to see what they have in stock that will do the job!

* Please note that the following materials list does not include the shelving in the unit, I have not decided how many shelves I'll need so that part will be updated soon (-:

Materials used in my compactus:
eight bar track rollers
two 3 metre lengths of 13 mm by 5 mm flat steel bar
eight 11 mm bolts each with 2 washers, a spring washer and a nut
eight 8 mm bolts each with 2 washers, a spring washer and a nut
two 16mm thick sheets of MDF - 900 mm wide by 2400 mm high
one 16mm thick sheet of MDF -  1168 mm wide by 2400 mm high
two 16mm thick sheets of MDF - 900 mm wide by 1200 mm high
four 32mm by 18mm pine DAR shorts - 1200 mm long
two lengths of 40mm steel box section - 1200 mm long
two lengths of 40mm steel box section - 1120 mm long
ten 6mm philips head concrete anchors
PVA wood glue
thirty 60mm long MDF self tapping screws
thirty 25 mm long MDF self tapping screws
5 welding rods

Tools required to build the compactus:
battery drill
electric hammer drill
a hammer
metal drill bit set
6mm masonry drill bit
adjustable wrench
safety glasses
electric grinder
jig saw or small power saw

<p>This is such a cool instructable! Thank you for sharing this! I've always wanted to have some similar storage system installed in my garage but looking at the ones that are available in the market and even ignoring the installation costs, I was thinking that I'd never get anything of the sort in my house, ever! Now at least I've got a bit of hope that I might be able to get a cheap or small version of this to hold my modest collection of tools! Thanks again!</p>
<p>Glad you like it Cameron, it's still going strong but I do need to vacuum the floor every now and then to keep it from catching on tiny bit's of stuff.</p>
<p>IMPOSSIBLE TO TIP OVER: I made two modifications for my two compactus: taller &amp; swivel wheels. To make sure my compactus can never fall over, they go all the way to the ceiling (with 6&quot; clearance). They work great. Thanks for the ideas.</p>
In Step 9: Attach the base, you show the base attached incorrectly but is corrected in Step 11: Install your compactus!
What is a compactus?
&nbsp;It should just be noted that the tracks need to be perfectly level for the compactus to work properly. I have installed several &quot;proper&quot; compactus' (compacti? :-) ) and if the bottom tracks are not dead level, once you load the shelves up with a workshop full of bits and pieces they become quite unstable and dangerous.<br /> <br /> I'm not suggesting you did not think of this, just pointing it out for others that may construct this.<br /> <br /> I would probably beaf up the bottom track if possible but apart from that it looks Great!<br /> <br />
Put castor swivel wheels on the bottom of it so you can wheel it everywhere :)
Thanks dwosullivan,<br /> <br /> That's a great point, I went to some trouble to ensure the slab was level but should mention that it's a major requirement.&nbsp; I'm building the second cabinet soon so I will have a few more detailed photos to add.&nbsp; Thanks heaps for the feedback, it is very much appreciated.<br /> <br /> Cheers,<br /> <br /> Scozza.<br />
Library reserves have two forms of storage: light, and heavy. Heavy storage features bookshelves which slide (so that # of aisles + 1 &lt; # of shelving units. Heavy rolling shelves...could be a good precedent to study for your 2nd build.

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Bio: Electrician, Lift Engineer and IT Manager. Living on 11 acres in country Australia and is making, hacking, cooking and growing things (-:
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