This is my guide on how to build your own stylish, roomy and attractive desk for less than £20! 
Granted i work in a DIY store but at the most it would have cost me £22 without discount.
Anyway, follow the following steps to get a great new desk built and ready to use in no time!!

Step 1: Preperation

First of all you'll need your materials. I work at a DIY store so obviously i found this pretty easy, but i can imagine it's a tough job if you don't know what your looking for.
I chose to use 90mm (9 cm) wide CLS for the main frame (legs and 1 support). I then chose some 60mm (6cm) CLS timber to use for the supports that will be visible, plus their smaller so won't get in the way!
I then shose to use 18mm thick Plywood to make the desktop. I cut this down into 4 inch strips and intend to leave a small gap between each plank.
YOu'll also need a drill, with drill bits and  screwdriver bit, some multipurpose screws (long enough to provide adequate strength) and some wood glue (optional).
I was just going to ask, but is there any way possible to use the American system? because I don't think I can go to the store with centimeters.
<p>im so going to build this with my husband im tired of my laptop getting hot when i play games or watch videos thanks for shairing!</p>
Did you end up making your desk?
<p>My first instructable venture! Thanks Lewis, much appreciated! </p>
Great job! Glad to see my instructable is still being of use!!
Is there a special trick you have to hold two beams steady at right angles when drilling the hole? This will be my first experience with woodworking and will be using nothing but basic tools (saw, drill, screwdriver, level). Did you glue them first? I just don't want the first leg ending up slightly higher than the top support when I screw it in. Thanks.
what is that clock on your desk is that a ipod?
simple and efficient, well done!!!
random comment, i think we have the same computer lol.
Great job! I'm going to use yours as an example to build one for myself. Mine will be wider with a 5.5 foot length so that I can hold my printer as well. I might put a small shelf under the printer as well.

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