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I have a long history of biting off more than I can chew when it comes to Halloween costumes. It's in that tradition that, when my friends suggested Star Wars as a theme for costumes this year, my first idea was to go as an AT-ST, the 2-man chicken-walker mech that the Ewoks beat up on in Return of the Jedi. After several design iterations I had left the Star Wars Universe behind in favor of a steampunk flavor, and thus was born the Steam Walker.

The idea is to make it looks like I'm sitting in a chair riding atop a steam-powered mech that walks on two robotic legs. In reality my seated legs are false, and my real legs power the robot's legs. This is basically a variant on the age-old circus-clown costume where someone looks like they're riding a horse, and is also inspired by Ben Hallert's APU costume and the paintball mech costume called Steel Dawn.

While not fast enough to keep up with 6-year-old trick-or-treaters as they went from house to house, I was still able to walk down the street and show off to passers by. The most common reaction was along the lines of "Wow! That's the coolest costume I've ever seen -- what the heck are you?!? I also got little kids (and some older kids, who really should know better) asking me how the thing was powered, several adults admitting they couldn't figure out how the thing worked, and at least one little girl bursting into tears as she saw me ambling towards her. All in all, I'd say it was a big success :).
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i might do this, but why put legs on? make him look like a cripple
The legs add to the effect and make the fact that it's a mech more apparent. Otherwise it might just look like power assist mech suit or something...
Well, isn't that what you want it to look like? I sure want it to look like a Mech Suit!
Chickenwalker = 100% Steampunk.
Mech = not.
Yeah, the point is that you're "riding" the walker, not that you are the walker.
what egos! to turn the comment section for a fabulous concept and execution into a squabbling session between mental midgets.
and Bug(?), you rule Man.
alcurb1 year ago
Nice concept. The work is not finished though. Needs a way to hide the real legs with something mechanical looking cowling.

Also, how about a chair with a high back, perhaps an old armchair with the legs removed attached to the top of the mech box. That would reinforce the notion of sitting in a chair and would have the steampunk quazi-victorian look. Also it might need some kind of fake controls on the armrests to show people you are driving this thing.

All in all, it is a clever costume.

Reminds me of one that was made in a Face Off episode where one guy created makeup and built a simulated robotic suit where a little fat person was sitting in the middle of the robot's body. The "little guy's" head was the actor's. The actor's legs were in the robot legs.

Also reminds me of the movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith where the villain was crippled and moved around in a "wheel chair" with spider legs. It was all victorian steam-powered technology in the movie.
that is literally the creepiest thing I've ever seen
corey117 years ago
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_soapy_ corey117 years ago
Glad you saw through this elaborate deception and blessed us all with your keen insight. I sure hope your next expose on the colour of snow is as perceptive.
Cerafem _soapy_7 years ago
That is definitely one of my favorite insults.
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These comments sure are getting cramped... I hope none of you are costerfobic...
Errr... Costrafobic.
Ok... Ya.
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santy22 santy226 years ago
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