When first beginning my search for the most AWESOME Halloween costume ever created, I first wanted to pick something I've always loved... this lead to my childhood amore for Transformers which eventually became my Magnus Opus or Optimus Prime to be exact. Once I had the idea I shared it with my family and thus began the endless nights, thousands of Glue gun burns and my invasion occupation of my living room. I unshackled the little geek in me and let him run buck wild 'til his heart's delight.

All together I spent about $40 - $50 bucks, finding most materials from what I had in my garage or around the home.

Things you'll need:
- Hot Glue Gun (and sticks - the bigger the bag the better)
- Duct Tape (Red, Gray)
- Masking Tap (Mainly for paint)
- Small Ruler and Big Ruler
- Exacto Blade
- Scissors
- Spray Paints (Primer, Red, Blue, white and Mettalic)
- $.99 cents store Mini Flashlights (4 of them)
- Hard HAt (about $6.00 at any Hardware Store)
- Velcro (Found at Major stores like Target, Kmart etc.)
- Lots and lots of cardboard, or foam board. Most companies throw out scrap or just go to your local markets and ask them to save you some before tossing.
- 2 tin cans (emptied of course)
- 2 plastic report sheet covers (for the windshields)
- I used old Hockey Gloves but any cheap canvas ones will work.
- Packaging tubes or PVC piping

Over the last month I've found myself staring at piles of trash while driving, hoping to find something I can use for my costume. Always try to be frugal and inventive.

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tacosmith5 years ago

My three year old wanted to be Optimus prime for halloween so I had to scale the costume down quite a bit. Thanks for the good design Idea!! He loved it and the family was impressed with what you can do with some cardboard and a bunch of hot glue:)

Zavprime.bmpPicture 091.jpg
hi , i would really love to know the step by step in doing your childs costume. please contact me asap. :D more powers to you

did you ever get the step by step on a child's costume?

Tacosmith, great job, especially since it had to be scaled down tremendously...really awesome. 
Thanks for the great instructable!
68marcopolo2 months ago

Dannyeurena, I think it's our duty to remind you how awesome your instructible still is and probably always will be! Many many thanks!

Optimus and Megatron.jpg
alphanumeric3 made it!3 months ago
i found this instructable back in 2010. very helpful thank you!!!
I know what I'm doing this year for Halloween, I don't care how old I am this is cool and I want to give it a shot
nightbeast456 months ago

is the polycentric hinge necessary?

nightbeast456 months ago

is the polycentric hinge necessary?

nightbeast456 months ago

is the polycentric hinge necessary?

josborne1 made it!9 months ago

Best costume for prime i have seen yet, thanks for the inspiration. Made a hot rodimus costume the year after i made my prime, then made my girlfriend a bumblebee for this year. Have won multiple contests since making them! thanks for the help and inspiration!

amylarsonpearson made it!9 months ago

Thank you for taking the trouble to post this! 4 years later it was perfect for me and my boy!

V3nom0us10 months ago
Just wanted to pop in and say that there are still people using this to make Prime. Mine will be used at comic con and is still not 100%. i've got a lot of detail to add, but decided to take it for a spin at a Halloween party, a costume contest, and to hand out candy to kids this weekend. He was a huge hit, and I actually got a standing ovation when I walked out for the costume contest. It has taken me roughly two and a half weeks so far and will probably take another week to finish up.
gilber_corrales made it!10 months ago

The costume we made for our three year old son. A workweek.

gilber_corrales made it!10 months ago

The costume we made for our three year old son. A workweek.


The costume we made for our three year old son. A workweek.


The costume we made for our three year old son. A workweek.

AtomixWolf10 months ago
audra.morgan.710 months ago
That is awesome! You did a great job
JefferyA10 months ago

I am in need of a transformer costume to help put smiles on kids faces who are homeless. I represent a non profit agency for the Washington DC area and we provide resources for homeless families. Can someone direct me on how I may pay someone to make a costume similar I may be reached at partworldproductionsdc@gmail.com thank you.

Me and my Dad are making an Optimus Prime costume for Halloween. This helped a bunch!
jayme.infanzon10 months ago

I'm interested in paying for a 'Hot-Rod" vision for a 6 foot tall man to wear at an upcoming event Nov 14th here in Charlotte NC. If anyone can help please call 704.363.8527. this event will be filmed so you will see your work on t.v. call me if your serious and you can build a good wearable Hot-Rod thank you

bfalk3311 months ago

I decided last year I wanted to be Optimus for Halloween (they were my favorite toys as a kid) so I found your instructions and set to work. I showed my 5 yr old nephew the plans and he decided he wanted to be that too! I had my work cut out for me. I didn't get it done as well as I would have liked as I ran out of time, but it was still fun and he was a hit at school and in the neighborhood! This year I am going to put some time into it to make it easier to walk and re-use it! cardboard, duct tape and hot glue gun was a success overall!! and pretty inexpensive. A million thank yous from us both for your great ideas and plans!!!

jwu1981 made it!11 months ago

We made one according to your design, thanks for sharing:)

dickyboy1102 made it!11 months ago

thanks for the inspiration.made prime for mcm comic con scotland.cheers

Kumarinspired made it!1 year ago

Thank you very much for the instructions - it short cut the learning process immensely. Not only did it inspire me, it kept me busy while I was in the transition for looking for work. I wore it at Supanova 2014 in Sydney yesterday and it brought so many smiles, it has further inspired me to be able to one day create my own future instructable! This amazing drawing was what I based my costume on, it took me every night for 6 weeks - a great challenge but well worth it.

trev5020001 year ago
Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=321392951951&globalID=EBAY-GB
Doctronic4 years ago
Greeting Dannyeurena,

I took on the challange of doing my own Prime using our Prime as a blue print. I wore it last weekend for our pop culture expo, Supanova in Sydney, Australia. I could only wear it for a short time but when I did have it on, I could not move without everyone stopping me for a pic.

Took me over 2 1/2 months to make and had to cram in the time in the end to get it done. Still needs a bit of work done but the result was epic!!

Thanks for the blue prints. Without them I don't think I would of got this done. The pic's are a shorten pic history. Enjoy.
That's awesome, this helped me a little. what did you put in the leg to keep it on you shin? foam board?

Know its a bit late replying.... 2 years I think. lol! But I used thick foam on the legs and let it 'hug' the leg and prayed that gravity didn't take over. If I was to build it again, I think I would of used a different method.

post your own instructable rather than clogging this up.
dannyeurena (author)  frisbeechamp19832 years ago
It's been a while since I've posted but I don't mind the extra traffic. It's amazing to find others as passionate as I, so "clogging" is welcome.

Been awhile I've been on here too. But thanks for the thumbs up :) Unfortunately I've had to retire Prime due to wear and tear and is now sitting as a demo piece in my comic store for people to look at. I've now moved on to doing a Steampunk Prime and few other things. I've used the Prime blue prints as the base and worked out a few problems. Sorry if I was 'clogging' but I guess some people can't handle the awesomeness! ;)

NO, really get this off here, and post a photo 'ible!
i bet the guy in the assassins creed costume felt like a loser standing next to OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!!!!!!!
Eireannach made it!1 year ago

Awesome instructions!

Eireannach1 year ago
cbeatty11 year ago
Thanks for the inspiration, made my first Optimus costume, and blaster! This was a lot of cardboard carving , let me tell ya! And it's true glue gun burns freakin hurt! Lol!! But just wanted to say thanks for the pics and the info, made my Halloween fun!
25 H, 10:07 AM.jpg25 H, 10:07 AM.jpg
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