Following a few step by step instructions, I will teach you how to build a basic home bar that will satisfy your needs. Having a bar in a basement or other living space is vital for get togethers, whether they are with friends or family. Use it as a place to dine, watch the ballgame, place cards, or enjoy your favorite adult beverage.  Very basic woodworking skills are needed but don't be terrified if you have no prior knowledge. Get a friend or a relative that knows a little about woodworking and this will be a great project to start with. When all is said and done this project will cost you around $100.

Here are a few tips to make this project safe and enjoyable:

        Don't be intimidated by the magnitude of the project

        Take each step slowly and concisely in order to achieve greater accuracy 


Step 1: Tools & Materials Needed

The following tools are needed to complete the job. I included the tools and materials I used for further clarification. If you don't have these basic tools, you do not need to go out and purchase them. Go to a neighbor or a relative and try to borrow these tools before purchasing!

         Screw gun (impact driver)- 18 V Milwaukee 1/4" Impact Driver

         Screws- 3 inch outdoor screws (make sure you have the same bit)

         Finish nails- small 1 inch finish nails

         2 foot level- Stanley Fat Max 2 foot level

         Table Saw- Craftsman

         Compound Miter Saw- Craftsman

         25' tape measure and a pencil

Lumber: Please note that the following measurements may be larger or smaller depending on the size of space you are dealing with.
         2X4- I used six (6) 16' 2X4s.

         MDF Board- I used a 4'X8' sheet of this material. 

         1-1/2" trim

         Another 4' X 8' wood material- This is the piece that is nailed into the front of the bar. I used the thin piece of camouflage          material to add some fun decoration to the bar.

<p>Wow that camouflage paneling looks sweet. Great job. </p>
The shelving supports you designed probably make the whole structure sturdier. Awesome job.

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