Picture of Building a Medieval Gauntlet
Building a Medieval Gauntlet!

I've been getting a few comments along the lines of "this isn't real armor" so...


Using Environmentally friendly Stuff!. So that you can save the environment by dressing up like pre-industrial revolution people!!!

Or more realistically, building an awesome costume piece.
I'm building a medieval Knight's costume for Halloween this year, and I've found instructables for quite a few pieces, but I have not found any for armored gauntlets. A short warning, I tend to be a little long winded in my instructions. While it might cause some people to "too long; didn't read", I'm just writing out all the tips and tricks I've come across while building this project. If you guys have any suggestions, please message me!

Notice, this instructable is NOT DIFFICULT. It requires little or no previous skills, besides reading I guess...although I doubt that you've gotten this far without that skill. I is however TIME CONSUMING. It'll take an entire week-end or about 20 -30 hours depending on how detailed / careful you are.

There are several ways to build a gauntlet, but this way is a really simple way, that doesn't require too much hardware, and is relatively cheap, any decent gauntlet will cost over $400.
micromuffin Pointed out that think geek has some decent ones for $60USD.

This Instructables is also environmentally friendly because it doesn't require the use of power tools!!! Although they help with certain parts :).
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Hayden_p4441 month ago

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GhostmanI2 years ago
It looks like you riveted the metal to the gloves, is that how you attached the metal to the gloves?

Try reading the instructable. It could save you from looking like a moron.

Deathcapt (author)  GhostmanI2 years ago
Yes, there's a washer inside the glove and it's riveted through the washer.
StephenL211 months ago

thanks for posting. this is very awesome and came right on time for me. also i was gonna bring this to a gang fight until i read the disclaimer. phew! that was a close one...

check my gauntlet collections http://fantasy-sword.tk/usa/2014/09/gauntlet/

check my gauntlet collections http://fantasy-sword.tk/usa/2014/09/gauntlet/

Nice gauntlet :D

I'm bust trying to design my own one too, but I'm a bit lazy :P

I took a short cut xD

You got a sub :D

RatedEdge1 year ago
Can you make a list on the materials? Thank you very much.
dfreeman42 years ago
You should try to make the armor from Ratchet:deadlocked, that'd be so cool
zinnatty2 years ago
Just a question: What's the caliber of the metal sheet? I mean thickness size
Deathcapt (author)  zinnatty2 years ago
I used 20ga steel, but you could go up to 18 or 16 if you want something tougher.
The measure i know for #20 is 0.91 mm (0.035 inches). Is this right or just too thick?
yeah, i have everything around my uncle's garage for that, aluminum sheet metal, we race dirt cars so we have lots of scrap and rivets, power tools, etc. for working the metal, i'll post some pics when i get done, just starting on it, thank you for showing me how, very helpful, actually just got done with a MJOLNIR Mk VI armor build, so now time for a medieval armor too, when i find a how to for the rest L:
curvy772 years ago
i like this design. even though im trying to cast mine, this gives me a few ideas. thnx! o and take a small metal file and run it against the edges and u should get rid of majority of death trap edges in about 1 min. depending on how hard you grind it.
dadamczyk3 years ago
Thanks to you, the infinity gauntlet may become reality.
xXero3 years ago
Me and my father are doing a Gauntlet project this weekend. It's going to be sweet! We're basing some of the parts of your design and then we're going to do our own style from there.
rpotter14 years ago
hey guys, im new to the costume making world, and im in the process of making a really unique rogue outfit, i did a test gauntlet with some fabric, a zipper. a glove and paper claws lol, but the thing is im like extremely broke. and ill be working on my cloak in the morning (aka my dragon cloak). also i tryed taking ideas from dragon age 2 but that isnt working out so great since there isnt much detail to be seen because of the game having a low brightness effect, but other then that ive been searching around on the web and cant find any gauntlet claws for the fingers and im not talented enough to sit and try my hand at bending and all that to make claws even though they look amazing when done. but if anyone has some ideas i could really use the inspiration, because i still have to do the chest portion and the legs.
Deathcapt (author)  rpotter14 years ago
Well, the claws were really easy, I didn't really shape them, just the pieces I showed in the instructable that was curved and wrapped around the fingers.

In terms of inspiration, for a rogue costume. I think something like a single dark colored shirt would work under your cloak. If you do a fancy belt (like Assasin's Creed), and maybe some kind of sash you could get away with a simple shirt. In DnD Rogues used a lot of Leather armor, so just a brown shirt would be fine. If you have a sewing machine, you could sew the padding lines into it.


Chain mail is a huge investment of time and effort. Same with Full Plate armor. It's easier when you're not on a tight budget because you can just buy what-ever looks right. Instead of having to scrape things together.

Second hand stores like Salvation Army / Value village etc are great to find a base layer to work with.
thanks man, and your completely right, on a tight budget is a understatement these days hahahaha, but yea ill make sure to check out those places, i might even look in goodwill, but i looked into other games and whatnot that have rogues and some of them are wearing the white long shirts with the flared out cuffs on the wrists, how would that work if i were to put on gloves with vambraces or the gauntlets lol, cuz i dont wanna look like an idiot with a white dangly piece of fabric hanging out lol
Deathcapt (author)  rpotter14 years ago
I'm going to be honest. These are not exactly "rogue" style gauntlets. Realistically these are pure fantasy. They're built to looks scary. They are awkward, and clumsy to say the least. I can barely close my hand with them, let alone pick anything up. If we're thinking DnD rogues, like stealth / agility characters, they'd probably skip gloves all together. If they did, they would have half gloves, as to maintain finger dexterity, for picking locks, climbing and such rogue things. It's funny cause rogues are always depicted as have hoods and stuff, but I mean besides monks who else goes into public in robes?
reminds me of this guy..
Dumchicken4 years ago
i made one out of paper once
tinker2344 years ago
hey could i redo this in carbon fiber if i wanted to
These look awesome if you sprayed them matte black and added dark red symbols and trim it would look exactly like the Daedric Armor from Morrowind the third elder scrolls game.
Or Dr. Claw...
slightly. Daedric gauntlets have a more solid look, and the upper wrist guards are just essentially a metal sleeve. Very good observation though. kudos to you from a huge Morrowind nerd.
It should be noted that this piece will be costume grade ONLY. Please, please, PLEASE do not use pop cans thinking that they will protect you from a 1/2" thick rattan strike. SCA grade combat armour must be a minimum of 16g galvanized/mild steel for vitals, and 14g galvanized/mild steel for any part of the head. If you apply this to any form or sport fighting, you may be seriously injured or even killed. That said, nicely done. With a bit more exploration, you could be on your way to a full harness. There are many sites you can check out for an introductory into the art of armour production, if you aren't already there.
i agree with you there, these would have to be modified a lot to keep my hands safe while i use my greatsword, however, if you use weapon and shield and have metal basket hilts on both, you might be able to use those gauntlets safely
Deathcapt (author)  BlessedWrath6 years ago
Updated intro w/ a warning about the ineffectiveness of this as actual protection. It'd still totally give you an edge in a fist fight though.
ilpug Deathcapt4 years ago
"Give you an edge" <---- un-noticed pun alert :D
Rob K6 years ago
Thought finger segments where riveted together not to the glove? This looks like it is more flexible.
NJB Rob K6 years ago
in real gaultlets, yes, you'd need the segments to curve right round the sides of your fingers and overlap at the knuckle joints, rivet them on each side in line with the knuckles but keep them lose enough to move.
ilpug NJB4 years ago
use wire loops soldered together to join together a strip of plates, then rivet it onto the finger with rivets at each end of the strip but not in the middle.
Deathcapt (author)  Rob K6 years ago
Yeah, I cheated, and rivets the plate to the gloves. But it wasn't just out of laziness, the pop rivets are not meant to be left loose. They are tight and don't allow rotation, so it wouldn't work with them. I'm not sure how they compare in terms of flexibility, but this way leave a lot more room for error. Bolting the plates together can have full mobility, but it requires you to be dead on in the placement of the plates and rivets.
Crakur6 years ago
damnitt, I had this exact same idea a few weeks ago! meh, whatev, you did this really well though, hmm, maybe I should try to make some samus armor? yea, yeah! that's what I'll do! so, anyone think I should do this? if so comment back!
Deathcapt (author)  Crakur6 years ago
ok samus is a chick, so that's cool. Samus is very complicated by the way. If you make these let me know.
well i was stewing it over last night and i decided that i am not going to make it to fit me (mostly because to make it acurate i would need it to model it off of a chicks body, and i dont know any girls well enough to say "hey, you figure you could come over to my house so i could take some measurements") instead im considering making a small version, like a foot or two tall
Deathcapt (author)  Crakur6 years ago
If you want to make a table top or full scale samus, try looking for pepakura. It's a program that takes a 3d model and turns it into a paper folding template. Cover it with resin and your good to go. That's how I made my master fief costume
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