"Building a One Sheet Boat" Alternate Building





Introduction: "Building a One Sheet Boat" Alternate Building


I build myself a "One sheet boat" like Vegra did https://www.instructables.com/member/Verga/

but with some minor changes as seen on the last pages

(btw: please ignore my grammar etc etc)

Step 1: First One of My Changes

My first change was that I cut down the Support frame from Vegras Original 32 inches to nearly 28 because i was to afraid that the plywood will break

Step 2: Second One...

Furthermore I decided to design stronger stem and stern post.

As you can see on the photos they look like mushrooms .

Edit: Added pictures

Step 3: Third One...

I also changed the Chine logs.

Other than Vegra i decided to double them for more Stabillity and damage consumption :)

See on fotos

Step 4: Fourth One...

At least I did some paranoid sealage work and some Beauty work

Sealant was Sikaflex for dockapplications

Edit: Added pictures.

Step 5: Paint !

I choosed for:

The inside white, the outside transparent and for the bottom dark grey Acrylic resin wich i got from a lokal diy store
I also added some covers for the stem post as you can see underneath.

The build time was a full month and I did it with my dad in the garage.

Also Thanks to Vegra for a nice instructables with no open questions to the project.

Step 6: Boat in Live Action!!!

Here is the requested in action Photo :)

As you can see i added the Water line in blue and the top egde and the lower egde in red.



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    Thank you VM, congratulations for you. It is a good choice an improved version of this boat style.

    i wana make an 8foot would it be the same other then adding more length

    I have been inspired by this and if all goes well I along with the local barony (S.C.A.) will be building a 2 section,30ft viking long ship based on this concept. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll post pics if we do it. ;b

    Hi Guys,

    the video i had is not really a testing video so i wil make a new if the weather is getting better.

    Sorry for the wait

    Best regards

    PS.: Diy-Guy + Macrumpton, the video will be on youtube thats the most common i think.

    i would also like to see a video please

    JP Armor:
    Do you know how to download a video in a .pdf file? I think these instructions are great to have filed away on the computer, PDF files are easy to keep, search, and even print. Video is a bit less friendly to file and find.

    Probably better to put the video on youtube and just link to it.

    Good Idea! How about putting two side by side for a simple catamaran!


    My dad and I have being wanting to build a boat for a long tom and now I think I've found one that will work. GREAT INSTRUCTABLE :)

    I have followed your example and built a similar boat, extending the length by just over a foot and adding bulkheads forward and aft for storage/floatation, should be finished in a week or two, cant wait to get out on the water, cheers for the inspiration!