I drew some sketches, but I can't find them. That's always the first step. Now, instead of making a mock-up out of cardboard, you can skip right to building if you model your idea precisely in a 3d modeling program. I use Rhino 3d, which is fairly user friendly but it ain't free. You can Try Google sketch-up. Free and pretty easy to pick up.

Step 1: Making the Box

Before I explain the build, I'll list the basic materials here.

1. Sheet styrere 0.40" thickness
2. Blue styrofoam 1" thickness
3. 1 - 8' length of foam crown molding - profile is your choice
4. 2 - 8' length vinyl moulding - for top and bottom of dresser
5. Double Side Tape - I used Elmer brand any type should do - wider is better
6. 1 - 8' length of plastic drywall corner bead
7. PL Premium - check the picture - most people buy it in a tube for use in a caulking gun - the kind I used is a little different
8. Utility knife for cutting plastic and foam - table saw works great if you have one
9. Latex caulking - optional - I used it to fill the joints where the body of the dresser meets the top and bottom
10. White Latex Paint - helps make the dresser look like wood - a lot of people were fooled
11. Ceramic Knobs - not pictured here- they're all on the dresser
12. 1 chucky mask - make it yourself or try Handiboy.com
13. 1 pair of child's overalls, pajama pants, and a shirt
14. 1 pair of child's shoes
15. Cotton stuffing
16. Lots of toys, and some stickers from the dollar store
17. Whatever nuts and bolts you can find to attach them all to the dresser

Now, I kind of skipped ahead just a tiny bit here, because I neglected to charge my camera the first night I started my build. At this point the main box of the dresser is assembled. What you need to know is this:

1. The blue styrofoam was cut on a table saw. You can use an exacto knife if you don't have a saw, it will just take you a little longer. Please wear a mask though. The blue foam dust is not good to breathe.

2. The corners of the foam were routered on a router table, so that the plastic drywall corner bead would fit over the edges. The individual panels are held together with double side tape. The corners are held on the same way,

3. The fronts and sides of the dresser body are cover in sheet styrene, again using double sided tape. This stuff sticks good. The Plastic sheets come from any plastic supply store and a 4' x 8' sheet of .040" runs about $15

4. This picture also shows the base of the dresser which will be shown further in a later step.
Wow! creepy and terrifyingly amazing. You should enter this into the Halloween costume contest here!
That's a bit scary
This is creepy
This is super cool :) your hard worked paid off, when I seen this I almost thought the doll was alive LOL
Oh wow. This is great. Such a unique idea!
Creepy ! ahhahaha<br>I love this trash movie ;P
Great idea.<br>The dresser is very cool! Upon first look, I thought it was a real dresser you were stuck lugging around all night...very well put together!
Thanks! The dresser didn't end up being that heavy, but it stands on it's own four feet when I get to where I'm going anyway. Even after touching the dresser, some people were still convinced it was real.
hey jay! it's nick from handiboy.com...the guy who made your mask-lol! YOU GOT MY VOTE! Loved the videos and all the detail you put into it....i actualy thought that was was a REAL dresser you had to carry around-lol! INCREDIBLE JOB! I'm honored to be a small part of it :)
Thanks Nick!!
Nice work. Great detail on the dresser!
Night mare worthy 0_0
Oh, and are you entering this in a contest? Because if so, I am definitely voting.
Thanks!! I entered this in the epic costumes category, only because it wasn't that easy to build. It really brought back some scary memories for the people at the Halloween party I went too. I'm just glad I was on the inside.
This is easily, EASILY, the most terrifying costume I've ever seen ever. Ever ever ever. O.O

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