Picture of Building secret 'drinking' nest box
Do you want to surprise your friends? This is a nice nest box you want to have near you on the terrace, because it isn't what it looks like. Is it really a nest box..... or is it a secret 'drinking' box? Nice as a give away!

What do you need:

Deal-wood (16mm thick), sawed in the following sizes:
1x 40cm x 13.5cm (rear)
2x 30 cm x 13.5 cm (sides)
1x 25 cm x 13.5 cm (top)
2x 15 cm x 13.5 cm (front)
1x 10.5 cm x 13.5 cm (bottom) (not on the image)

1x 10 x 12 mm (diameter) stick
2x piano hinge (13 cm)

12x 3.5 mm x 35 mm screws
5x 3.0 mm x 20 mm screws

2x shot glasses (bottom 35 mm diameter)
liquor bottles

hole saw (35 mm)
drill (3mm)
drill (min. 5 mm) or a countersink
drill (12mm) 
wood Glue
waterproof marker
pillar drill
tape measure
cordless drill

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Step 1: Saw the planks in the right sizes

Picture of Saw the planks in the right sizes
Saw the deal-wood board into the following pieces:

1x 40cm x 13.5cm (rear)
2x 30 cm x 13.5 cm (sides)
1x 25 cm x 13.5 cm (top)
2x 15 cm x 13.5 cm (front)
1x 10.5 cm x 13.5 cm (bottom) (not on the image)

Step 2: Create the front top

Picture of Create the front top
In the front top, drill a hole (35mm) with the hole saw.
Position of the hole: 6 cm from the top, 6,75 cm from left or right (the middle)

Beneath that hole, make a pit.
Please remove the drill center from the hole saw. This is important because we don't want to drill a hole. 
Put the hole saw into a pillar drill and saw like 8 mm deep.
Remove the inner with a chisel.
If doesn't matter if you put a shot glass in and it falls out. See step 7 for a solution for that.

diy_bloke1 year ago
uitstekend idee
Henkie1 year ago
For the non Dutch speaking people.
The word 'pimpelmees' on the box means 'Blue Tit' or in Latin Cyanistes caeruleus. It's a bird... But in Dutch the word pimpel(en) is slang for drinking alcoholic bevarages.
So translated it means 'Drinking Tit'.
dsantil711 year ago
So any softwood will be ok to use?
ruudslaats (author)  dsantil711 year ago
You can use any wood. The only thing is, that some wood is better to use outside then others. Or you can paint it.
wobbler1 year ago
I like it, but how do you stop the squirrels nicking your gin? I hate drunk squirrels, partying all night and singing their drunken squirrel songs. And don't get me started on the pigeons!
bowser821 year ago
Better than my nest box :-) Nice & easy project, good work!

@Agulesin: The hole is the bottom of the top shot glass

agulesin1 year ago
What happens if a bird goes in and makes a nest on top of your bottles? then you couldn't disturb it if you wanted a tipple... ;-) or is the hole just a black circle?
Nice idea. But a stranger could drink your "juice".
Wouldn't it be hidden in plain sight?
ruudslaats (author)  andreyeurope1 year ago
Thanks! Keep it in your backyard and no stranger could drink it!
tjesse1 year ago
The is awful! I have always wondered why birds have rehabilitation centers, now I know. Some birds just want to stay clean, buy a nest and raise eggs without the added pressure of accidentally flying into a hidden bottle of booze. Shameful. Nice instructable though.
Quick-tune1 year ago
Cool! - For further secrecy you could site it up a tree, but probably fall out when you've emptied it... Interesting that you use the term 'Deal-wood' as my woodwork teacher at school (40 years ago... erm... cough) used that term (or Deal) for standard softwood as found in the timber yards since then nobody I've discussed it with has heard of it, what you are using looks like Douglas Fir?
ruudslaats (author)  Quick-tune1 year ago
It's because I didn't know the English word for it. It's called 'vurenhout' in dutch. I've guess it's the wood from the "Picea abies".
Ah, Norwegian Spruce, it looks darker in the pics. Good work.
Perfect for the alcoholic on your xmas list
Pretty sure you are Bob's less successful and clearly bitter relative... So drink up buddy!
ruudslaats (author)  Chuck The Builder1 year ago
Hehe, nice to give as a present. Or receive it of course!
great don't have to hide ( things ) behind the
ruudslaats (author)  jimmitchell19431 year ago
Or you should make a lamp with a hidden compartment.
jhawkins141 year ago
This is very clever.
ruudslaats (author)  jhawkins141 year ago
blkhawk1 year ago
Great idea! Hiding in plain sight!
ruudslaats (author)  blkhawk1 year ago
bishopp141 year ago
You have a killer drill press; why not just use a Forstner bit for the flat bottomed hole instead of the hole saw bit and chisel method? Great instructable by the way!
ruudslaats (author)  bishopp141 year ago
Thanks for the tip. I don't have a Forstner bit. But I might be handy!
dacrow1 year ago
What a lovely 'ible. That was fun!
ruudslaats (author)  dacrow1 year ago
You're welcome.
eyewalk1 year ago
je bent een genie!!!!!!!!!!!
ruudslaats (author)  eyewalk1 year ago
Dank je wel!
Really neat idea!
ruudslaats (author)  MoustacheCat1 year ago