Picture of Building your own CNC router/milling machine

Already at the age of 12 I was dreaming of making a machine which could make things! A machine which would give me the opportunity to create products for in and around the house. Two years later I stumbled ont the words 'Computer Numerical Control' or more specifically the CNC milling machine. After I found out people were able to build one themselves in their own shed, I knew it! I had to build one, I yearned to have it!!
For three months I tried to find the proper parts (A dremeltool, drawer slides, pieces of wood, etc.), but I didn't really know how to build a CNC. The idea fell into oblivion.

In August 2013 the idea to build a CNC milling machine captivated me again. I just finished the first year of my bachelor in Industrial Design, so I was confident enough to start a build. The real difference between now and 5 years ago was, I learned to work with metal on manual milling machines and lathes and above all I had the right tools to design a machine.

This Instructable will show you how I built my CNC milling machine. I know a lot of CNC dreamers do not have the knowledge or tools to build a full metal machine. I still think and hope this Instructable inspires you to make your own machine. I include all of the necessary steps I went through in designing and building this CNC milling machine. All of the drawings I used to build my machine will be available.

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Invira1 minute ago
It's amazing. I love the design is simple and clear. I was looking for something like that. Thank you for publishing it.

this is my final year project 5axes cnc vertical milling and i need your help .

ngll9 days ago

i wanna get one

ahmedrpspl13 days ago
Can you proved electrical items with software
Can you provide 3D Model File or 2D CAD file!? I need to modify some component.?
skrubol17 days ago

Are you only using one linear bearing per side for the Y axis? Are those bearings stiff enough to resist the torsion of the gantry?

Trochilidesign (author)  skrubol17 days ago

They are if you take light cuts, obviously it's not a machine for industrial use

antagonizer17 days ago

What an elegant piece of engineering. Tell me you have a vid of it in action.

Trochilidesign (author)  antagonizer17 days ago

There are some video's on my Instagram

farsys17 days ago

beautiful machine!

Trochilidesign (author)  farsys17 days ago


What Al alloy did you use for this?

Trochilidesign (author)  mistermimobot17 days ago

some parts are made of 6082, some 7075 and some regular extrusion of which I don't even know the alloy

mehrdadb18 days ago

that is perfect.

i am going to work on it asap.


Trochilidesign (author)  mehrdadb17 days ago

Much appreciated :)

NancyR1123 days ago

Step one is that you have to have a degree in mechanical design.

Trochilidesign (author)  NancyR1117 days ago

And my step one is a degree in Industrial Design Engineering ;). I you have the drive to build one, you can build one of these

tovey NancyR1122 days ago

The only degree you needs to build one of these is the degree of comprehension it takes to follow directions.l

If you can bake a cake, you can build one of these,

Great project.

Just FYI for people reading this, you can buy a lot of really nice kits for under $100. The Shapeoko or the X-Charve are two nice options for under $1,000. A bit easier than sourcing parts from scratch.

kunals1018 days ago

if we are making program in NX(siemens plm) for a product. will this program work in above software to run the machine. please reply asap here & on my e-mail id.

my id - ks9876kunalsharma@gmail.com

fox4921 days ago

Well done
for you CNC router. (I think your wonderful
realisation have motivated me enough to try it on my side)

I have a
question about the linear guides you used. I see 6 guides of three different
types that reminds me this provider: http://www.misumi-europe.com

I want to
know how much each types of guide cost you because 400€ for the 2 biggest
guides seems a lot…

maregesi21 days ago

very nice project i am working on it too

DIYPro050524 days ago

Can you use a 5 axis breakout board for a 3 axis cnc milling machine?

Yes. Depending on your build, you will use a minimum of 3 axis.

There are some builds that use multiple motors on a single axis. When doing this, one motor is made a slave one of the other motor on the same axis but electronically, they are connected to two different axis on the board. Typically, X is the axis with two motors.

famfilho23 days ago

Dear friend, I loved your ideia but when I try to draw in Solidworks software I had many problems with your drawings (PDF files). I note that some this files don´t have some dimensions.

Did you have this files in *.dwg or *.sldprt?


Blackice50424 days ago

beautiful work.

I also want to build a CNC for as long as i can remember, it sure makes prototyping easier or just making stuff.

Keep it up.

gungajin25 days ago

nice project, no doubt. Looks a little bit very much like this one: http://hackaday.com/2014/06/01/building-a-cnc-milling-machine-for-less-than-1300/

stevof gungajin25 days ago

It's the same one

gungajin stevof24 days ago
emmanuelr424 days ago

toujours de très bonnes infos et de bonnesidées

dollarseed24 days ago

For those wanting a good sized home hobby shop machine, check out the X-Carve by Inventables. I just finished my build, and it comes with a free online driver/creator software package called Easel, which is super easy to configure and use. I have built both a very large unit from maple, and a smaller one from lexan, steel, and aluminum. A great source for most guide rails, etc. is McMaster Carr. Mine all run using the arduino uno platform which is very inexpensive, and lets you control all kinds of extra sensors, the spindle speed, and a whole lot more. One word of caution, and something I didn't see in your build. You need to have limit switches to keep from ramming the machine parts, by trying to make them move farther than they are physically capable of. I really like your design. Nice job, and very well explained.

Abdussamet25 days ago


What is the in your project stepper motor property?

hive825 days ago

the linear rails you use what are they HiWin 20mm, could you let me know for all the axis?

ForrestC3 months ago

I'm attempting to do something like this currently, but with 6 axes. It's still in the CAD stage, being planned in SolidWorks. Thinking about using plasma-cut 1" aluminum plate cleaned up manually on a mill, automotive wheel hubs as joints, ball screws for x, y and z axii, worm gears between the stepper motors and their individual axes (both to increase resolution and torque, as well as prevent weight from spinning the motors,) and 2.5HP water-cooled spindle to handle heavy cuts on steel. Would like it to have a 4'x4'x4' machining area, but that may be hard to accomplish.I would also like to make it modular, being able to go from 6 to 3 axes by simply unbolting the extras from the table.

hive8 ForrestC25 days ago

can you contact me I am also building a 5 axis machine.

baecker0325 days ago
tb6560ah based motor drivers are the way to go.

Well done, and what a sweet project, one to make other projects come true!

M4n0v3y25 days ago

I realy wish to implement a unit to my garage!

M4n0v3y25 days ago

Greate! But could you provide the BOM of eletrical components, please?

mrputz125 days ago
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