Picture of Burnt Flesh Makeup
Decided to post another makeup tutorial but this time on making a really gruesome burn.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1.  flesh gel (preferably skin tone)
2.  small pot
3.  your kitchen stove
4.  bruise wheel
5.  pencil or modeling tool

infection4 years ago
Of all the how-to's I've found in all the random corners of the internet, yours are still my absolute favorite, and produce the best results. I used your zombie tutorial and modified it last year for a nasty, juicy face wound. It made a little boy in a restaurant cry a bit. This one ought to be a nice add for the wedding I have to attend this Halloween. Thank you again! (And I'm really glad to see you're still adding things!)
reusesave5 years ago
hmm........ should i do it this year?
SNiPERSeyes5 years ago
Man i love your tutorials theyre gruesome yet so perfect, KEEP IT UP