Decided to post another makeup tutorial but this time on making a really gruesome burn.

Step 1: Supplies

1.  flesh gel (preferably skin tone)
2.  small pot
3.  your kitchen stove
4.  bruise wheel
5.  pencil or modeling tool

Of all the how-to's I've found in all the random corners of the internet, yours are still my absolute favorite, and produce the best results. I used your zombie tutorial and modified it last year for a nasty, juicy face wound. It made a little boy in a restaurant cry a bit. This one ought to be a nice add for the wedding I have to attend this Halloween. Thank you again! (And I'm really glad to see you're still adding things!)
hmm........ should i do it this year?<br />
Man i love your tutorials theyre gruesome yet so perfect, KEEP&nbsp;IT&nbsp;UP<br />

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