This is my attempt to make a Bush craft knife based on the Woodlore model.  I used 4 mm 01 carbon Steel  which i obtained from Cromwell . I drew  the template of the knife and had it cut out of vinyl on a cutter plotter, this was then applied to the steel blank ready for cutting out using a hacksaw and good files.  

Step 1: Knife Blank Shaping

To create the V Bevel i first had to mark out the centre of the blade along its edge this ensured the cutting edge was positioned centrally along the blade. I had to make jig to file against, this consisted of a metal strap to clamp onto the knife, the strap allowed me to accurately file the correct angle of the end of the bevel next to the handle. to file the bevel along the length of the blade i clamped the blade in a drill vice, then i used a bit of trigonometry to build a rest at the back of my bench for my extended file to run against, i then filed the bevel leaving approximately .5mm on the edge of the blade, this prevents the edge burning away during the heat treatment process. prior to heat treating the blade i drilled the holes required for the scales and the cord tube.

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