I try never to be without a stack of business/calling cards, and now that I have a custom handbag and wallet, a custom card case seemed like the next logical step. In this case I've also added a compartment in the bottom with a trap door top that can hold a dozen Micro SD cards. Useful for me because I can securely carry extra memory for my camera, but also useful for anyone interested in covert data transport, since we all know that data can be the most valuable there is.

At present you could store 12 Micro SD cards that are 64gb each or 768gb total. Micro SD cards at 128gb each are on there way, and if you're part of a well funded "organization" you can probably already get them. This means the case could carry 1.5 terabytes. This is the same as carrying around 12,582,912 of the Macintosh computer from the legendary 1984 commercial, if you're keeping score at home. All of that plus a handful of business cards tucked into a chic clutch or computer bag.

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

I've made extensive use of a laser cutter in my case's case, but you don't need one to make this project. I'm using precision cut bass wood that's meant for hobbyists and comes in a huge array of sizes. My notched panels could be replaced by simply stacking pre-cut strips of the right size and shape.


Bass Wood Pieces in 1/8 and 3/32 inch thick
Wood Veneer - 1/40 inch thick in assorted pieces and species - NOT paper backed
Wood Glue
Mineral Spirits
Wood Finish

Sand Paper - 100 to 400 grit
Clear Vinyl/Contact Paper
Utility Knife
Scrap Wood (for clamping)
Toothpicks (for micro-gluing)

If you're using veneer and not laser cutting it, a sharp blade, straight edge and cutting mat will allow you to make a wide variety of shapes.

<p>Very neat and aesthetically interesting execution.</p>
<p>Really beautiful! Good precise job!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Amazing what happens when new technology and patience combine. I'm crazy over bird's eye maple, and if you had a kit with pre-cut laser basswood pieces minus the veneers, I think you would find an audience. You do beautiful work and I wish you the best.</p>
<p>Wow, That looks great. This makes me want a laser cutter. :) </p>
<p>Or a membership at a hackerspace with a laser - all of the fun with none of the maintainence or expensive repairs that can come with owning one!</p>
<p>I've checked the local one out already. They don't have a laser cutter. :( They have a 3d printer though. </p>
sell these and get rich! amazing!
<p>Thanks! I think this unfortunately falls into the category of questionable product design - it's complicated and time consuming enough to really limit the potential market. That's why I put up the how-to for anyone adventurous enough to try!</p>
good design and very nice work!
<p>Oo nice. Going to have to share this with a fellow artist who thing is octopi, squid and cuddle fish. :)</p>

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