Picture of Button Stepping Stones

Make big cement button stepping stones to add whimsey to your garden path.

Step 1: See the video tutorial here


Oh my gosh, these are adorable!

bergerab1 year ago

Very creative idea! The cover photo looks great

HollyMann1 year ago

I LOVE these - how creative!!! I need some please!

glogothetidis10 months ago

Remarkable !

michaelgc11 months ago

These are pretty awesome. I have just started redoing my garden and I think that my wife would love these.

poofrabbit1 year ago

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Concrete and
casting contest! Best of luck to you! I really dig these stepping stones, they would be so cute leading up to a childs play house.

cpine5221 year ago

Love this!

AHHH these are so cute! As a seamstress, I feel I need these in my yard. Now where did I put those old scratched up cake pans... They'd be perfect for this.

Brilliant! Would be cute in a whimsical garden setting. If the stepping stones will actually be receiving much foot traffic, I do agree with the comment by caitlinsdad below, or you can use steel mesh (1/8" or 1/4") instead of poly fibers to strengthen the stones.

patsheldon1 year ago

cute! I love these. Like almost a wonder land :3

tstevens-11 year ago
Nice job.!

That looks like a pretty weak mix of cement with all that water. If you are going to use these for stepping on since they are thin, you may want to add some poly fibers for strength and to reduce stress cracks when it cures. Using cement dye is better than paint which weathers off.

Mark Montano (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestion.......Though they've been used daily for 5 weeks now and they are fine.

The urban conditions here in NYC are not so forgiving.

Mark Montano (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

True! I miss the east village very much, but I don't miss not having outdoor space.

Ah, we like to take pride in the cement shoes...wait, buttons that we make.

wyldestyle1 year ago
great stuff - looks like fun... kids love it... a little chicken wire or coathangers make great cheap reinforcement... but as you say they are holding up thats good and your right because they are small size, if you increase the size reinforcement is a good way to go.
Mark Montano (author)  wyldestyle1 year ago

Great to know! Thanks.

sabu.dawdy1 year ago
soooo cute

Those are awesome!

Ahhh, love it! :)