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Elizabeth2910 days ago

love seeing your approach to painting a very cool flower picture. I bought canvases and have resolved to put mostly my own art work on the walls. After my Reno of last year I have put nothing back up!

KittyKat041 month ago

Hey Mark your site sounds amazing. #FollowYou. {I like doing #'s} Everything you make sounds AMAZING!!!! KittyKat04

Keep up the great work!

Mark Montano (author)  KittyKat041 month ago
Hey KittyKat04!
Thanks for the nice comment. I will keep up the work, however, I don't know how amazing it will be!
lizpopiel6 months ago

Beautiful stuff Mark! Glad I found you!

Mark Montano (author)  lizpopiel6 months ago
Hey Liz,
Thanks for the sweet comment! Have a terrific weekend!
DIANA2999 months ago

Thanks for following back! Crafts rule!

Megan Allen9 months ago

Thanks for following back, Mark. I love your creative ideas. Keep up the good work! :)

MicioGatta1 year ago

Thank you for following!

Mark Montano (author)  MicioGatta10 months ago

My pleasure!

sabu.dawdy1 year ago

you are a tv personality?

Mark Montano (author)  sabu.dawdy10 months ago

Some people say I have no personality at all.... :(

Vikalpah10 months ago

Thank you for following Mark ! I love your Projects and follow you on you tube ! You are such an versatile crafter. I inspire you a lot for the different kind of materials you use for crafting and the simple procedure. Keep rocking !!

Mark Montano (author)  Vikalpah10 months ago

Of course! Thanks for following me!

WOW! amazing


I keep running into your projects everywhere! You are amazing at getting your projects out there! I would love to know all the places you submit your work! I only know a couple like the Gawkers (food, craft, wedding, etc), Craftfoxes, Ravalry, Craftster, and Kollabora :)