Buzz Lightyear's Box (Spaceship)





Introduction: Buzz Lightyear's Box (Spaceship)

I always liked the Toy Story movies. At first, I could not find anything to do on these movies. But, looking a little more, I found the Buzz Lightyear's box that seemed pretty easy to do. It was just about finding the design!

Material :

  • Glossy paper
  • Printer
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue stick
  • Transparent sheet (like a Plastic Paper Protector)

I speak french so there might be English mistakes. Sorry in advance.

Step 1: Print and Cut Everything

Fortunately, I came across these models of the box of Buzz Lightyear. That helped me a lot. I did not have to do the design from scratch. So, the first step was to print all on multiple pages. I have provided you Word files that I used for printing. The dimension should be good. The height of my box is almost 12 1/2''. When you finish printing, proceed to the cutting.

Files here :

Step 2: Assemble the Puzzle

According to the two designs of the first step, I assembled the box. To attach two papers together I used scotch tape.

Step 3: Details Before Constructing the Box

As you can see at this moment, there is parts that must be insert into other parts (like a 3D puzzle). I used an Xacto for this.

Step 4: Plastic Window

As you can see, I cut the 3 front parts of the box. Then, I used my Plastic Paper Protector, previously cut to fit, and I glued it to the front (at the back of the front design)

Step 5: Build the Box

With everything "scotch" together, simply fold all the parts of the box according to the model of the box (you can help you with the pictures I gave you). Simple puzzle.

Step 6: Final Result

An easy DIY project for everyone for cheap. It cost me 0$. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

- John, from Canada



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    Wow! Awesome work, but the link doesnt work. Is there.any way you could share the file a different way? I'd like to use it for my daughter's bday party.
    Thank you!

    I can't access the link

    Is there a fee for this download file? I am unable to use the URL above! Please help!

    Can you plz send the file to my email? It's for my son he's favorite character is Buzz.

    I clicked on the link but it states it's not a working link anymore... Could you upload it again. Nice work and thanks for sharing!

    Could you upload the doc file? The lonk does not work currently

    The documents are not more available. Could you reuploud it for us, please? Thank you very much!

    Ok I put an URL, is it working?


    Do I have to pay to go pro to get there files ? I really want make it but I dontr want to buy the membership help please!!

    Yes! Its working. Thank you very much!