It's a CD snowflake! Make a Xmas ornament from a recycled CDrom!

It's cool, and at least part of those CDs don't end up in the landfill.... All you need is unwanted CDs and a paper shredder....

Step 1: You'll Need....

--A paper shredder
--a stack of old, unwanted CDroms...

Your paper shredder cannot be the 'cross-cutting' type that shreds twice--only the standard (cheaper) shred-into-strips will work...

Step 2: Do It!

It's simple:

Just feed the CDroms into the shredder. Use the on/off/reverse switch as the magic button that controls the process!

It's also simple to shred your fingers in a paper shredder. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!

Step 3: There It Goes....

If your shredder is like mine, the CD won't make it all the way through on one pass.

Back it out (reverse switch), change the angle and shred again....

Step 4: Rejects

Not all CDroms shred with equal results. Some are more brittle than others.

But even the rejects look pretty cool....

Step 5: That's It!

That'll do it!

You can add a final step: spraying the ornament with lacquer or 'workable fixative,' so all that tinselly stuff doesn't fall off...
This project is cute for my pile-o-cds waiting for a creative way to recyclem. I have only a question: A friend told me once that there is a layer inside of the cd which is toxic and is not a good idea to cut it. Do you know anything about this?
<p>I don't see an answer to this and despite the fact that the question is now 6 years old I'm going to go ahead and answer it: No, there is no laser inside the CD or DVD disks themselves. Any laser inside the disk READER, not the disk. It is perfectly safe--in this regard to cut up CDs and DVDs.</p>
Hey, I've cut CDs all time to make shurikens, and the only problem you can end whit is the &quot;shiny powder&quot; which I don't think is toxic
I hadn't heard that. Maybe a google search will turn up more info A fixative might help to seal in any chemicals...
Be Careful shredding CD's! I had to shred old training CD's for work once and the static electricy created was a quite bit more than the shock you get walking accross the carpet. Think flash bulb bright.
Cool story... Sounds like all those metallic pieces made a big capacitor.
I've used a scroll saw to cut CD's
Thanks for the info. I've since read that immersing in boiling water is a good way to soften them for bending...
Great idea. Love it. But wont it break / kill / damage the shredder? Please reply. x
If in doubt, use the shredder at work ;)
Nice. =^,,^=
a lot of shredders are made for cds.
Didn't break mine ;-)<br><br>Your mileage may vary...
i love the idea, im definetly gonna try it!<br><br>@Neon Panda it shouldn't break the cd caus most shredders are made for shredding anything you want to get rid of...
Can I put a person down it?!?!?!!!!!!That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;!!!!!!!<br>
yeah, that would be great but you'd have to find one big enough, unless you're talking about a baby. XD
No i'm talking about a 11 yr old :) Maybe a industrial sized one?
Ahhh,perfect! Lol
i don't think my paper shredder is strong enough ...but i love this idea.
Yah me to.
you could also use a pair of sheet metal shears to cut the strips. takes more time but if your worried it will damage the shredder its a good way.
Cool! From what I hear this is usually what happens to the disks after a 2 day attempt to install Vista.<br />
I broke mine shredding credit cards.<br />
&nbsp;Awesome They &nbsp;look great, I have tons and tons of old Cds but no shredder at the moment, But I will get me another very soon so I can try this. Thanks for sharing it.
This kinda makes me wish aol sent out those stupid discs still. Oh well, we don't have the right kind of paper shredder anyway.
Jackabee-I have noticed aisle-end displays of Free CDs such as AOL at Wally Mart, for example-they don't seem to mail em out, but they put em out free for the...um...uninitiated?<br />
&nbsp;I used to like getting those aol cds in the mail. &nbsp;They Would Have game demos and stuff like that hidden in them.
And they really <em>do</em> look like snowflakes! Best christmas ornament idea i've seen so far!
i used scissors because i dont have a shredder , it looks prutty awesome
good imagination and it looks cool, but my mom and dad probly wont let me use their paper shredder to chredd cds. i love how it looks tho<br />
I learned years ago that you can put a CD in a pot of boiling water to soften it so that you can manipulate it.&nbsp; I've never actually done it.&nbsp; I've only seen the results of cut up CD's as part of a college.&nbsp; I don't know how long it takes to soften the CD, I'd start with 5 minutes and work up or down from there.<br /> <br /> Also for those of you who are having problems hanging onto the CD while it is in the shredder, try putting a thick wooden dowel through the center hole so that the CD doesn't get away from you.&nbsp; Just rotate the CD around the dowel and let the shredder do its thing. <br /> <br /> Very cool Idea!
The things I'd do If I had a paper shredder...
I would recommend a shredder that can do basic credit cards, AND would also recommend that the blades of the shredder be well oiled and allowed to cool before doing TOO many (semi-soft plastic is not healthy for the shredder ;-)
its a paper shredder they make the slit so thin you cant stick you fingers in there ive tried it. i would recommend getting a paper shredder from goodwill or somewhere cheap instead of using your own and possibly ruining it. unless it has a cd shredder
Do you know what would be amazing, is if you got light to shine through it somehow
you could! spilt the cd in half, and it leaves you with a clear disk and a shiny disk. use the th clear one, that WOULD be very cool!
IT WOULD!!! any idea how to split a cd in half? OH i got it, you pop it in the microwave, cracking the aluminum coating, leaving cool little cracks for a led to shine through :) GENUIS
really? hadnt thought about that way. I use a teeny knife.
Actually just shave off the the aluminum its really messy though
dont run the microwave too long, it can burn!
also, you could try microwaving them =P<br/>
Yeah, but not me...I'd get killed if I put anything other than food in ours...
yeah, I guess I would too, but I've seen videos of microwaved CD's...pretty cool! the only thing that wouldn't work is that you wouldn't get the cool texture on the border of the cd
I tried melting one with a heat gun...it began to get a bit flexible, but wouldn't 'sag' on it's own--unless I heated it beyond the blistering/discoloration stage.... Maybe a more even heat source would do it....
I had a bathroom fixture with a 60 watt light bulb, and laid it on the fixture, about 1 inch away from the lightbulb.
Don't put cds in the microwave! It'll ruin the magnatron!
No it won't, Neither will spoons, open tin cans, or tin foil... When you load a magnatron to it's fullest loading your not going to hurt it, you might activate the thermal snap switches on the top of it, or on the top of the oven cavity. But once they cool and re-close it will work again, and at very worst you might blow the fuse (( 15 or 20 amp $0.99 at rat shack )) but you would have to cook a full spindle of CD's at once to use the full power, Just because it sparks and looks really unsafe doesn't mean it's all bad, the fumes however might be toxic ....

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