Chess is one of the great classic games.   Here you will learn how to make a chess set for just pennies! 

You can print the playing board on paper, using your computer printer.  If your printer can handle it, print the board on Bristol board, or some other card-like paper for more rigidity.  Alternatively, you could use rubber cement or tape to stick the paper board to a stiffer material. 

The chess men are also printed on paper.  They are then cut out with scissors and adhered to pennies using "double sticky back" tape, or glue.  The pennies are easier to pick up and move than is paper alone. 

A link to game rules is included in the last step of this instructable. 

I got into this project to help introduce the game to people locally.  With luck, we will get a chess club going someday. 

Step 1: The Chess Board

It is difficult to transfer large .jpg files through Instructables.

To print out the full size file for the CHESS BOARD, you will have to go to the link below.  When it opens, you will see the image of the chess board along with a magnifying glass cursor.  Left click with the magnifying glass to expand the image. 

On the expanded image, right click to open a menu and select "Save Image As ..."   Save the image to a location on your computer where you can retrieve it later and print it out.   The dimensions should be 1500 X 2000 pixels and the file size should be 192 KB.

<p>Cool idea! In our city it is difficult to buy a chess</p>
<p>Cool idea! In our city it is difficult to buy a chess</p>
glue money onto paper?
Or, glue the paper to the money. I use double sticky back tape, so you can always get your penny back, if you want it.
This would be great for travel too!<br />I can imagine doing this with magnets on a magnetic sheet as the board.
Cool idea with the magnets. Maybe within a family people could play on the refrigerator.

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